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    Trophy Lakefront Acreage or Development Property - Little Shuswap Lake, BC

    Shuswap Listing No. 21008

    15.7 acre lakefront parcel with sandy beach. Approved PLA in place for 12 lot lakefront development. Road to be negotiated with native band. Extensive work completed on roads, surveys, arch report, geotech report, native & regional district consultation.


    15.7 acres

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    Located on the north shore of Little Shuswap Lake this 15.7 acre lakefront parcel is one of the most exciting properties in the Shuswap area. The current owners purchase this parcel 12 years ago with the intention of developing the property into a 12 lot lakefront subdivision. In fact, the owners have an approved PLA in place for the 12 lot development; the PLA can be provided to a qualified potential buyer upon request. Extensive work has been completed on access roads, survey work, archaeological report, geotechnical report and consultation with the local regional district and native band. All the heavy lifting has been done and if a prospective buyer would like to continue with the development process they will need to consult with the local native band regarding the access road into the property. Historically the property has been accessed two different ways, by water and via an access road through the neighboring native band land, although this has always been used by a handful of lakefront property owners and is not considered legal access. An access agreement would need to be negotiated with the native band or the lakefront development could be completed as a water access development. There are many water-access properties in the Shuswap area and there remains excellent demand for this type of property.

    Little Shuswap Lake is in the Thompson River basin of the southern Interior of BC and sits at the transition between the Thompson Country to the west and the Shuswap Country to the east. It is fed by the Little River, which flows from Shuswap Lake, and is the main source of water for the South Thompson River, which begins at the lake's outlet at its southwestern end. The lake is approximately 7.8 km in length, NE to SW, and averages 2.4 km in width.

    Whether you decide to continue with the subdivision or develop the property into a single trophy lakefront residence this parcel presents a unique opportunity and one of the best values in the Shuswap area. The property takes in an entire peninsula which juts out into Little Shuswap Lake and has a perfect southerly exposure, with breathtaking views both up and down the lake. The property is very well-treed with the majority of mature trees being large Douglas fir. From the lakeshore to grade of the slope is quite flat and as you move toward the back (north) property line the grade increases to relatively steep. There are a series of flat terraces with beautiful views and the foreshore is broken up by several rocky outcrops with the majority of the lakefront consisting of beach and fine pebbles. The only building on this property is a small original cabin along the lake shore of little to no value. This property has some incredible history, and when you visit the property it’s easy to see why natives over hundreds if not thousands of years have chosen to spend time at this location; it’s truly one of the nicest spots in the Shuswap area. Upon request the listing realtor would be happy to share the detailed 104 page archaeological report detailing some of this history.

    This property sits in an area with one of the most enviable climates in Canada. Most summer days are 30° or more and the lake is very well known for its fishing opportunities and excellent water sport recreation. Regulations allow you to build a dock in front of your dream lakefront getaway.

    This is an extremely rare property and one of the largest lakefront properties available in the region.

    Please contact the listing REALTOR® today for more information or to book a time to go by for a look.


    7080 Little Shuswap Lake Rd - Chase, BC


    Call the listing REALTOR® for detailed directions

    Area Data

    Chase is a village located in the Interior of British Columbia. It has a population of roughly 2,500, and its main industries are forestry and tourism. It is located at the outlet of Little Shuswap Lake, which is the source of the South Thompson River. Chase Creek, which drops over three small waterfalls before flowing through the town, enters the South Thompson just below the lake's outlet.


    The primary attraction for the Village of Chase is Little Shuswap Lake. Beaches, boat launches and a large pier provide access to the lake and South Thompson River.

    The Sunshore Golf Club provides a nine-hole golf course.


    The town was named after one of the first settlers in the district, Whitfield Chase who established a ranch where the South Thompson River runs out of Little Shuswap Lake in 1865. When the Adams River Lumber Company laid out the town in 1902 James A. Magee, secretary of the company, named the town for Chase.


    Please see mapping section - all boundaries are approximate.

    Map Reference

    50°51'3.85"N and 119°39'52.12"W

    Investment Features

    Approved PLA in place for 12 lot Lakefront subdivision.


    Small 300 ft2 original cabin with little value.

    Tax Details

    $7,651.13 (2020)




    PID 014-229-978

    Maps & Plans


    Maps & Plans

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