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    Hawke ranch 00 100 photos

    Hawke Ranch - Fort Steele, BC

    Kootenays Listing No. 23093

    Hawke Ranch is now for sale. 505 acres over 4 titles + 20,000 acres of range (763 AUMs). Approx. 300 acres of hay land, water from spring to fall from water licences on creek and an irrigation well. On the land are 3 family homes, a mobile home and an array of ranch outbuildings.


    504.92 acres ~ 4 titles

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    Hawke Ranch is now for sale for the first time. Established in 1976, this family owned and operated ranch is located in BC's most picturesque geographic setting at the south end of the Hughes Range in the Canadian Rockies; more affectionately known as "the Steeples."

    The operation is set over 4 very scenic titles totaling 505 acres plus over 20,000 acres of range land with 763 AUMs. Of the 505 acres, there are approximately 300 acres of highly productive/irrigated hay land with virtually endless water from early spring to late fall via multiple water licence on Norbury Creek and a highly productive irrigation well (500 GPM). Within the irrigated land is a small 6-7 acre plot that is leased to Bayer for canola seed production, they are very keen to carry on with the lease with a new owner if desired. Payment is in the range of $20,000 for access to land and water.

    The hillside overlooking the ranch has approx. 120+ acres of forest land offering good grazing. Approximately 45 to 50 acres of the 120 has been selectively logged opening up with some good grass growth, the rest is fully timbered, and all offers amazing views back towards the Steeples.

    Norbury Creek runs for approximately 1.4 km through the ranch in behind the houses creating an amazingly lush corridor, excellent fishing, freshwater mussels, and a beautiful swimming hole to enjoy and of course reliable water for irrigation.

    Out the west end of the ranch there is seamless grazing on one of the ranges, heading east across Wardner Fort Steele Road and on both sides of the Bull River is additional range land extending to and around Tie Lake. In total the range permit allows for 763 AUMs.

    On the property you will find 3 family homes (see below for home lay outs and more details). There is also a well-maintained and upgraded mobile (rented), 5 hay sheds, multiple bays/machine sheds, garages, and other functional ranch outbuildings. This is the ideal set up for an extended family to work the ranch, plenty of housing for a ranch manager, or if set up as a guest ranch staff/guest housing, or more simply good rentals. The zoning allows further development if desired. Two of the titles have no dwellings and could have a new home plus a guest house, one title could have a home built and designate the current home a secondary dwelling or vice versa while one title is maxed out for residential dwellings unless set up as a guest ranch where you are allowed 10 cabins per title. Access to all titles is either by road or for one of the titles an easement allowing for the sale of all titles independently if desired down the road.

    Buyer to verify their intended use with the RDEK and ALR.

    This is for sure a trophy ranch property in one of BC’s most desired geographic locations.


    Price does not include the herd but is available for market rates. The herd is comprised of Simental Red Angus cross. Hawke Ranch does not keep any Charolais cross calves for replacements. All calves are red and have been for years; maintaining all tan colored calves. Price includes no less than 200 cows of which 12 are pure bred Charolais who are bred to pure bred Charolais bulls. The herd that is being sold with the ranch also has 8 Charolais bulls and 1 Heifer bull.

    Red Angus and Simmental are two breeds of cattle that are commonly crossed to create a hybrid calf that displays desirable traits from both breeds. When a Red Angus bull is bred to a Simmental cow, the resulting calf is known as a Red Angus x Simmental cross or "Red SimmAngus."

    Red Angus cattle are known for their exceptional meat quality and marbling, as well as their docile temperament and adaptability to various climates. Simmental cattle, on the other hand, are known for their large size and impressive growth rates, as well as their meat quality and maternal characteristics.

    When Red Angus and Simmental are crossed, their offspring typically display a range of desirable traits such as:

    • Good growth rates
    • Excellent carcass quality
    • High meat yield
    • Calving ease for heifers
    • Good maternal characteristics
    • Adaptability to various environments

    Overall, Red Angus x Simmental cross calves are a popular choice among cattle producers who are looking to improve the quality and profitability of their herds.

    Bayer Lease

    Bayer leases approximately 6-7 acres of land for canola seed production. The owner supplies water and the land and Bayer does all the maintenance, pays for seed, pays to seed back to grass, etc. Net lease paid to seller is $20,000+.


    Price does not include the equipment (except the wheel lines are included). An equipment list can be provided to qualified buyers as all equipment is available for purchase.


    3261 Wardner Fort Steele Road

    Main Floor

    • Kitchen with pantry - 10’10” x 11’
    • Dining – 8’ x 12’
    • Living - 12’10” x 22’
    • Laundry - 10’6” x 7’
    • Half bath
    • Foyer front - 4’ x 9’
    • Foyer side - 4’ x 6’

    Upper Floor

    • Bedroom - 10’5” x 10’5”
    • Bedroom - 9’10” x 13’10”
    • Master with en-suite bath
    • Office – 8’ x 10’
    • Full bathroom


    • Recreation Room - 14’10” x 24’6”
    • Bedroom - 10’3” x 11’4”
    • Utility room - 10’ x 9’
    • Cold Room - 6’6” x 10’
    • Hobby Room - 6’6” x 10’

    Attached Double Garage

    3441 Wardner Fort Steele Rd

    Main Floor

    • Kitchen - 13' x 21’
    • Dining - 9’10” x 14’10” (open to dining room)
    • Living -13’ x 21’
    • Half bath
    • Mudroom
    • Pantry
    • Foyer - 7' x 9’
    • Bedroom - 9’ x 12’
    • Master bedroom with en-suite and 2 walk in closets - 12’10” x 16’
    • Full bathroom
    • Bedroom - 9’9” x 13’3”

    Lower Floor (Walk out)

    • Rec room - 17’ x 32’ with wood stove
    • Bedroom - 13’8” x 11’8”
    • Bedroom - 11’5” x 14’5”
    • Full bathroom
    • Utility - 10’ x 9’
    • Storage - 17’6” x 6”
    • Gym/den - 12’3” x 16’7”

    Attached Double Garage

    3445 Wardner Fort Steele Road

    Lower Floor

    • Office - 9’ x 9’9”
    • Rec room - 20’ x 17’
    • Craft room - 16’ x 10’3”
    • Cold room - 16’ x 5’
    • Bathroom

    Upper Floor

    • Kitchen - 16’ x 18’
    • Living - 16’ x 23’6”
    • Master bedroom with en-suite - 12’ x 18’6”
    • Bedroom - 10’ x 14’
    • Bedroom - 10’3” x 11’9”
    • Full bathroom

    Attached Double Garage

    3551 Wardner Fort Steele Rd (Mobile)

  • Kitchen
  • Living
  • Master with en-suite
  • Bedroom
  • Full bathroom
  • Laundry
  • Size

    504.92 acres over 4 titles

    • (3441, 3445, 3551) Plan NEPX40 Sublot 6, District Lot 313, Kootenay Land District, Except Plan 7690 - 153.67 acres
    • (3261) Lot B, Plan NEP 18005, District Lot 313, Kootenay Land District - 107.98 acres
    • Plan NEPX40 Sublot 5, District Lot 313, Kootenay Land District - 160 acres
    • Lot C, Plan NEP 18005, District Lot 313, Kootenay Land District - 83.27 acres


    3261, 3441, 3445 & 3551 Wardner Fort Steele Road - Fort Steele, BC

    Notable Drive Times
    • Fort Steele - 15 minutes
    • Cranbrook, BC - 25 minutes
    • Calgary, AB - 3 hours 50 minutes
    • Lethbridge, AB - 3 hours
    • Spokane, USA - 4 hours


    4 km south of Norbury Lake Provincial Park on Wardner Fort Steele Road.

    Area Data

    The property is located in the East Kootenays, along Wardner Fort Steele Road, a picturesque drive along the base of the Rocky Mountains. As you leave Fort Steele and drive south towards the property you will find lots of very scenic and productive ranch land, and of course spectacular mountain vistas. Just before you reach the property you pass Norbury Lake Provincial Park where the creek supplying water to the ranch flows from. The ranch sits at 830 metres in elevation. Most of the agricultural land in the area is for hay and cattle grazing, although more recently a few have started growing veggies commercially.


    Cranbrook is the largest city in the Kootenays serving a local population of 25,000 and servicing a much larger population as a regional centre. The city is a 25-minute drive south of the ranch. In Cranbrook you will find all the amenities you would ever need from big box stores to boutique shops to professional services. Here you can most major franchises as well as being the location of the East Kootenay Regional Hospital an International airport with daily flights to Calgary and Vancouver and seasonal international flight options.

    South East Kootenays

    On the broader scale, the property is located in the southeast Kootenay district, in the broad Kootenay River Valley between the Purcell and Rocky Mountain ranges. It is approx. an hour north of the United States and the borders of Montana, Idaho and Washington. The area is recognized as the ‘warmer side of the Rockies’ with a nice dry climate and is noted as having the most sunshine hours in all of BC.


    Branching out from the property, the East Kootenay region is unique in the number of recreational activities that can be enjoyed year-round. There are great fly-fishing opportunities, kayaking the St. Mary’s or Kootenay River, or exploring backcountry Crown land and mountaineering (excellent climbing gym in Kimberley). Kimberley Alpine Ski Resort with over 1,800 acres of terrain, 80 named runs and glades, plenty of sunshine and dry snow is one of BC’s finest is 15 minutes away. The Kimberley Nordic Club trail network consists of a multiple variety of cross-country tracks including a trail illuminated for night skiing. The Kimberley Nature Park is one of the largest municipal parks in Canada, offering 800 ha/1,800 acres of parkland filled with hiking, biking, Nordic/cross-country skiing and snowshoeing trails. The Columbia Valley boasts additional ski destinations such as Fairmont Hot Springs. Panorama Resort and Fernie is a little further away (approximately 1.25 hours).

    There are also an abundance of championship golf courses are located within 15 to 20 minutes of the property: Trickle Creek Golf Resort, Wildstone, Bootleg Gap Golf Club, Wildstone, Kimberley Golf Club among others.


    In the fall of 1863 gold was discovered near today's Fort Steele, at Stud Horse Creek, a tributary of the Kootenay River. Soon after the word of this discovery got out a rush of placer mining activity ensued and Fort Steele was founded in 1864—15 minutes away. The original town name was "Galbraith's Ferry" named after the ferry set up by the city's founder over the Kootenay River. The town was renamed Fort Steele in 1888, after legendary Canadian lawman Sam Steele of the Northwest Mounted Police. By the late 1890s, Fort Steele was growing rapidly and becoming the heart of the East Kootenays and the Canadian Pacific Railway showed interest in Fort Steele deciding that a station was to be built. But as the document stating the railway was to go though Fort Steele was on its way to be approved, a gentleman named Colonel James Baker had other ideas. Baker, a member of the British Columbia legislature, owned a small logging camp named Joseph's Prairie. Baker bribed and blackmailed his fellow Members and convinced them to bypass Fort Steele and bring the railway through Joseph's Prairie. This was finalized after the document stating the railway was to go through Fort Steele was "lost" in the mail. After the railway was completed, Baker renamed the town to Cranbrook. He later sold the people of Fort Steele land in this new community and its population quickly dropped as they moved the few miles to Cranbrook. After Fort Steele was abandoned the site slowly started to decay. In the mid-1960s, BC parliament resolved to preserve many historic sites. In 1967 Fort Steele was designated a historic site and restoration began. In 1969 Fort Steele opened to the public as Fort Steele Heritage Town, in 1971 Queen Elizabeth and the Royal Family visited. Since then millions of tourist have visited the site and Fort Steele has become one of British Columbia's premier western history themed tourist attractions.


    Please see mapping section (all boundaries sketched on pictures are approximate).

    Map Reference

    49°30'27.90"N and 115°27'56.13"W


    • Drilled irrigation well estimated a 500 gpm
    • Multiple water licences on Norbury Creek for irrigation
    • Drilled well - domestic
    • Multiple Sandpoint wells - domestic
    • BC Hydro power throughout ranch
    • Cell service
    • Internet
    • Multiple propane furnaces
    • Wood stoves


    2,400 ft2 (4 bedroom) house (1995)

    • Attached double garage
    • 3 bay carport
    • Multiple shed
    • Fenced garden

    2,900 ft2 (3 bedroom) house (1996)

    • Attached double garage

    3,200 ft2 (5 bedroom) house (2003)

    • Attached double car garage

    Upgraded (2 bedroom) mobile home

    5 hay sheds

    Corrals, pens, loading chutes

    Multiple machine sheds

    Tax Details

    Total $4,865.55 (2022)

    • Plan NEPX40 Sublot 6, District Lot 313, Kootenay Land District, Except Plan 7690 - $3,113.18
    • Lot B, Plan NEP 18005, District Lot 313, Kootenay Land District - $1290.53
    • Plan NEPX40 Sublot 5, District Lot 313, Kootenay Land District - $59.71
    • Lot C, Plan NEP 18005, District Lot 313, Kootenay Land District - $136.23
    • Manufactured Home Reg.# 101298, BAY # 1 - $265.90


    RR-60 - Rural Resource

    Permitted Uses
    Single Family Home, Guest Ranch, Kennel, Duplex, Forest Management, Grading / Washing / Screening / Extracting Sad and Gravel, Farm Operation, Equestrian Centre, Sawmill, Airport, Wild Land, Trap and Skeet, Rural Retreat.

    Accessory Uses
    Secondary Dwelling for farm hand, B&B, Secondary Suite, Cabin, Lodge, Accessory Buildings, Vet Clinic.

    Property is also in the ALR


    Plan NEPX40 Sublot 6, District Lot 313, Kootenay Land District, Except Plan 7690
    PID 016-327-543

    Lot B, Plan NEP 18005, District Lot 313, Kootenay Land District
    PID 011-906-693

    Plan NEPX40 Sublot 5, District Lot 313, Kootenay Land District
    PID 016-327-551

    Lot C, Plan NEP 18005, District Lot 313, Kootenay Land District
    PID 011-906-723

    Range Permits


    Maps & Plans

    Map01 +8 maps

    Maps & Plans

    Our property descriptions and geographical information are taken from the BC Assessment Authority, Land Titles Office, government maps and other sources. While LandQuest® does not guarantee the information, we believe it to be accurate, but should not be relied upon without verification. This communication is not intended to cause or induce breach of an existing agency agreement.