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    573 Prime Acres - Tachick Lake Ranch

    Bulkley Nechako Listing No. 17193

    Prime Investment! 573 acres of rich ranchland and 5,401 ft of lakefront on pristine Tachick Lake. This Ranch is already producing profitable canola crops. An angler’s paradise, all that’s needed is a home on the waterfront or perched on a bluff overlooking the Lake.


    573.77 acres ~ 3 titles

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    Tachick Lake Ranch, within the Nechacko Valley, has beautiful lakefront acreages sprawling along the shores of pristine Tachick Lake. The Valley has some of the most fertile soil in BC and has time-proven, ideal ranching and farming conditions over the decades.

    The Ranch is exceptionally private—with few others owning property on the lake. Often, the only sounds heard are eagles soaring above, waterfowl landing on the lake, and gentle breezes rustling in the trees.

    In general, the land is flat and level on the southern property line and slopes gently to the lake. Approximately 358 acres have been cultivated into fields and have produced crops of alfalfa, canola and hay. The remaining property is prime for grazing.

    The shoreline varies with small pebbles, larger rocks, bullrushes and lily pads. Deciduous trees line some of the shoreline. Brilliant sunrises and sunsets reflect in the lake for an explosion of colour.

    Title A
    • 133.6 acres
    • 518.6 m (1,701 ft) lakefront
    • 27 acres (approx.) cleared

    Aentral only to this lot, a bluff provides a prime building site with views overlooking a pond, Tachick Lake, and Sinkut Mountain. The completely private home would be a perfect location for an expansive deck, spa, and large windows to enjoy spectacular vistas year-round. Plentiful wildlife visit the property in the summer and fall.

    The northern portion adjacent to the lake is cleared and producing excellent crops. A small portion of the property on the south side of Tachick Lake Road could be a hay barn, storage or additional crop.

    Title B
    • 175.6 acres
    • 586.5 m (1,924 ft) lakefront
    • 106 acres (approx.) cleared

    This lot is prime lakefront property. A small hill would be an excellent site for a home with 180-degree views of Tachick Lake and Sinkut Mountain. The access road travels through the center of the property towards the lake and what was a homestead. All that remains of this historic home is the shed and power access.

    Approximately 20% of the property is treed with a mixture of poplar and spruce. Most of this property is cleared and producing canola. Additional land could be cleared to increase crop capacity.

    Title C
    • 264.4 acres
    • 541.5 m (1,776 ft) lakefront
    • 225 acres (approx.) cleared

    The majority of this acreage is cleared and producing canola. There is an excellent location for a home a few hundred yards from the lake.

    A small portion of this property is on the south side of Kenny Dam Road. While this portion is treed with poplar and scattered spruce, one could easily clear and increase production.

    A, B & C Combined
    • 573.77 acres
    • 1,646.6 m (5,401 ft) lakefront
    • 358 acres cleared with revenue-producing crops


    The property is approximately 16 km (10 miles) southwest of Vanderhoof in central British Columbia, 100 km west of Prince George.


    From Highway 16 at Vanderhoof turn due south on the paved Kenny Dam Road at the sign that reads Nulki Lake, Tachick Lake and Kenny Dam Road. At 16 km, the pavement ends. From the end of the pavement, continue on the gravel Kenny Dam Road for approximately 2.21 km. You will be at the southeast corner of the property.

    Area Data


    (Pop. 4,480)

    Vanderhoof is a historic ranching and farming community at Highway 16 and Highway 27, BC's geographical center in the Nechako Valley.

    This close-knit community is in one of the province’s most fertile regions. So rich are the soils, and so agreeable is the climate that everything thrives here with little attention. Canola, wheat and hay are a few of the cash crops grown locally, while the expansive forests in the region have long sustained the local forest industry.

    Vanderhoof offers much more than agriculture and forestry. Tourism is increasing in the area, with visitors drawn to its impressive scenery and a surplus of wilderness retreats in the region where accommodations range from rugged and rustic to full-comfort and class.

    The Nechacko River, which joins the Fraser River at Prince George, runs along the north edge of Vanderhoof. Many affluent residences along the river have both boats and floatplanes. From this river, waterways stretch up rivers and waterways for over 200 km.

    Vanderhoof Airport has an asphalt runway with lighting, GPS, an automated weather station, and an aircraft tracking system. Prince George International Airport, the regional airport for Northern BC, is expected to play a crucial role in area economic development. The airport has undergone a significant expansion, renovating its runways and international cargo plane fuelling capacity. Vanderhoof is on the Canadian National Railway mainline, served by Via Rail's ‘Jasper–Prince Rupert’ service.

    Summers are comfortable and partly cloudy, while winters are snowy and often overcast. Over the year, the temperature typically varies from -15°C to 24°C and is rarely below -30°C or above 29°C.


    Unlimited recreational opportunities await anglers in Tachick and Nulki Lake's favourite retreats—and many surrounding lakes—all known as an anglers paradise.

    Tachick Lake is 13 km long (5,439 acres), and Nulki Lake is 8 km long (4,093 acres). Both lakes are renowned for their excellent fishing, with many fishing derbies held here. Trout up to 7 lbs. have been caught in Tachick Lake and up to 4 lbs. in Nulki Lake, both in summer and winter (ice fishing). The Lakes are recognized as having one of the most productive small recreational fishing in the Vanderhoof area.

    In the past 15 years, several projects, generally funded under the Habitat Conservation Fund, have sought to maintain and enhance natural rainbow trout production and recruitment into Nulki Lake. One of the truly unique aspects of the fisheries resource associated with the Nulki/Tachick watershed is the presence of falls on the lower portion of Corkscrew Creek. These falls are readily passable by rainbow trout but not coarse fish. As a result, portions of Corkscrew Creek upstream of the falls are occupied exclusively by rainbow trout.

    Ootsa Lake, 72 km south of Tachick, is a man-made lake created by the flooding of the Ootsa Lake region in the 1950s. On the Tweedsmuir Provincial Park boundary, this beautiful lake offers some of the best boating and fishing in the province. The reservoir links together many lakes, including Tahtsa, Whitesail and Natalkuz, popular destinations for anglers worldwide. These waters can yield spectacular results for large Rainbow and giant Lake Char. Rainbow trout up to 15 pounds have been landed. The lakes also attract wildlife of many species and provide excellent opportunities for hunting and wildlife photography.

    Stuart Lake is the seventh-largest in BC—90 km long and up to 13 km wide. It is a favourite fishing lake for the locals and anglers from all over this province, Alberta, and the USA who travel the Stuart/Trembleur /Takla Lake system. The Lake’s beautiful chain is accessed from the town of Fort St. James, 62 km north of Vanderhoof. Fishing along many large, sandy beaches along its expansive shoreline is exciting and productive. It is both a summer and winter recreational area, with many cabins scattered around the lake.

    Hundreds of hiking trails crisscross the landscape and provide ample opportunity to watch the area’s wildlife, which includes moose, deer, cougar, bear and elk, as well as millions of migratory birds that take sanctuary along the Nechako River as it meanders through the valley.

    Winter is also a wonderland of activity within short distances. Skiing and boarding, cross-country skiing, snowshoeing, a biathlon track, and epic snowmobiling keep the outdoor enthusiast busy. For the avid angler, ice fishing abounds in this lake-rich area.


    The beautiful Heritage Board of Trade Building (built in 1914) was the first building to be moved and restored for the Vanderhoof Heritage Museum in 1978. Today houses the museum’s primary collection that provides a broad outline of the history of Vanderhoof.

    Vanderhoof is Dutch for “of the farm," which was very appropriate since it was the province's first agricultural settlement. The town grew, and in 1926, the Village of Vanderhoof was born. With the arrival of World War ll, many young men left, and Vanderhoof came to a standstill.

    The next boost to the population and the economy came with constructing the Kenny Dam in the early 1950s. At the peak construction, it employed 1,500, with a number of them staying in the area after the construction completed. The next expansion period came with a large influx of American immigrants in the 1960s, and since that time, Vanderhoof has enjoyed steady growth.

    There are 11 beautifully restored 1920s period buildings, which include Murray House (the first jail), the old Royal Bank of Canada, the OK Hotel & Cafe, and the Reimer/Redmond House, which depicts the influence of the early Mennonite settlers in the Vanderhoof area.

    Map Reference

    53°55'41.08"N and 124°13'2.27"W

    Investment Features

    This region is well known for farming and ranching. Portions of the property have been cleared for hay, alfalfa and canola crops and are currently producing revenue.


    • Lot A: power is available
    • Lot B: power to property
    • Lot C: power is available

    Tax Details

    • Lot A: $50.37 (2020)
    • Lot B: $100.46 (2020)
    • Lot C: $140.74 (2020)


    AG1 (Agricultural). Properties are within the ALR


    Lot A

    Pl: EPP43920; LD: Coast Range 4 (13); Section: 12; Town: 4; Range:4
    PID 029-449-731

    Lot B

    Pl: EPP43920; LD: Coast Range 4 (13); Section: 6; Town 3; Range: 4; Narrative: & Sections 7 & 12, & Township 4
    PID 029-449-740

    Lot C

    PL: EPP43920;LD: Coast Range 4 (13); Section: 6; Town: 3; Range: 4; Narrative: & Section 7
    PID 029-449-758

    Maps & Plans


    Maps & Plans

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