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    Oceanfront Recreational Property on 8.55 Acres along Discovery Passage - Campbell River, BC

    Vancouver Island & Southern Gulf Islands Listing No. 24003

    8.55 acres along Discovery Passage in the “Salmon Capital of the World”, this serene oceanfront property with an off-grid cabin, 400 ft of water frontage & views of Quadra Island. Roughed-in driveway & an easement for beach entry, all connected to civilization via FSR to HWY 19.

    Foreign Buyer Ban does not apply to this property


    8.55 acres

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    This stunning and rare oceanfront property is a picturesque piece recreational land situated along the serene stretch of Discovery Passage. Nestled between Brown’s Bay and Elk Bay, it presents a stunning view of Quadra Island and lies just 12 nautical miles north of the bustling community of Campbell River. This idyllic location promises a tranquil retreat away from the city's clamor. Lot 5 is an expansive 8.55 acres of prime land, boasting approximately 400 feet of high bank frontage on the ocean. The lot features an off-grid cabin measuring 35’ x 16’, providing a rustic and intimate escape into nature. The cabin's presence augments the raw appeal of the property, offering a direct connection to the surrounding environment.

    The property is equipped with essential amenities for a comfortable, yet rugged, stay. There's an outhouse complete with a composting toilet, which caters to the basic needs while remaining environmentally conscious. A roughed-in driveway adds to the accessibility of the property, while a shared drill well ensures a supply of water, adding to the lot's self-sufficiency.

    The property offers beach and water access through an easement on the neighboring property, ensuring that the joys of the waterfront are never out of reach. Access to this secluded paradise is made possible via forest service roads that weave through the natural landscape, connecting to Highway 19 north of Roberts Lake, providing both isolation and connectivity.


    Lot 5 - Discovery Passage - Campbell River, BC


    Highway 19 North

    Just past of Roberts Lake rest area, turn right on Elk Bay Forest Service Road (FSR), follow 21.2 km, turn left on Discovery Main, follow 2.3 km to steel gate. Lot 5 is located approximately 1.4 km past the gate.

    Area Data

    Discovery Passage carves a vital marine pathway through the scenic Discovery Islands of British Columbia, nestled between Vancouver Island to the west and Quadra Island to the east. This strategic channel is a crucial component of the marine ecosystem, linking the dynamic waters of Johnstone Strait with the expansive Strait of Georgia. Its strategic location not only makes it a picturesque locale but also an essential corridor for marine traffic.

    Spanning 14 miles in length and averaging 1.2 miles in width, the Discovery Passage is a lifeline for maritime vessels, forming an integral segment of the Inside Passage. This celebrated marine route is utilized by ships voyaging between Alaska and the northern stretches of the Pacific coast, threading through to Washington State and continuing along the diverse coastline of British Columbia. The passage's waters brim with marine life, underlining its ecological significance and the need for conscientious navigation.

    The areas surrounding Campbell River, where the passage culminates, are imbued with natural beauty and a rich cultural tapestry. Campbell River itself is known as the "Salmon Capital of the World," indicative of the abundant fishing opportunities and the vibrant wildlife that characterizes the region. The city serves as a hub for outdoor enthusiasts, drawing in visitors with its array of recreational activities including fishing, whale watching, and exploring the neighboring Strathcona Provincial Park.


    British Columbia's west coast vegetation is characterized by lush temperate rainforests, home to towering conifers like Douglas fir, western red cedar, and Sitka spruce, which thrive in the region's moist, mild climate. The forest floor is often carpeted with a rich underbrush of ferns, salal, and mosses, with large leafy specimens of broadleaf maple and red alder providing a deciduous contrast to the evergreens.


    Discovery Passage and Campbell River form a haven for adventure seekers and nature lovers, where the marine-rich waters invite kayaking, sailing, and scuba diving enthusiasts to explore beneath the surface. The area is a hotbed for marine biology enthusiasts with its vibrant underwater ecosystem, where encounters with sea stars, anemones, and even whales and dolphins are part of the allure. On land, the river city, known as the Salmon Capital of the World, beckons anglers aiming for the catch of a lifetime, while hiking trails and mountain biking routes wind through the verdant forests, leading to the scenic vistas of Elk Falls Provincial Park.

    As seasons change, the region's recreational offerings shift to the snowy slopes of Mount Washington Alpine Resort, where skiing and snowboarding against the backdrop of the ocean and mountains create a breathtaking winter sports experience. Throughout the year, the blend of natural beauty and rich cultural heritage positions the Discovery Passage and Campbell River as a unique crossroads of outdoor thrills and cultural richness.


    Discovery Passage was named in 1847 by Captain Henry Kellett of the British Royal Navy after Captain George Vancouver’s ship, the HMS Discovery, which sailed through this passage during Captain Vancouver’s circumnavigation of Vancouver Island in 1792. HMS Discovery was also the consort ship of James Cook’s third expedition to the Pacific Ocean (1776 to 1780).

    Map Reference

    50°12'53.20"N and 125°23'27.56"W


    • Off-grid
    • Shared drilled well


    35’ x 16’ off-grid cabin Roughed in access road

    Tax Details

    $1,022.55 (2023)


    SD 64


    PID 029-063-302

    Maps & Plans

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    Maps & Plans

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