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    Slam Bang Lodge - Kyuquot Sound

    Vancouver Island & Southern Gulf Islands Listing No. 23145

    World class salmon & bottom fishing at your doorstep. This floating lodge is located on Union Island in Kyuquot Sound on the coast of Vancouver Island. 4 guest rooms, a 3-bedroom cabin, dining room, outdoor kitchen area & a fish processing facility catering to guests & other lodges.

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    Located on the northwest coast of Vancouver Island, British Columbia, in the remote and beautiful Kyuoquot Sound, Slam Bang Salmon Fishing Lodge is a true gem for fishing enthusiasts. Its unique location in Kyuoquot Sound, situated perfectly along the migration path of the Chinook salmon (kings) and coho salmon (silvers) heading south, makes it one of the best spots for salmon, halibut and bottom fishing in BC.

    The marine topography surrounding Kyuoquot Sound is distinct, providing an ideal environment for fish to thrive amongst the continental shelf. The presence of the Brooks Peninsula's large outcropping ensures that the fish remain in the area during the summer, offering excellent fishing opportunities both offshore and inshore. For those seeking a quieter experience, short hikes are available to the island's five lakes, where amazing trout fishing awaits.

    At Slam Bang Lodge, guests can expect comfortable accommodations. There are four cozy guest rooms, each equipped with a single and a double bed and a full private bathroom. Additionally, there is a cabin with three bedrooms, a kitchen, and a full bathroom, providing ample space for larger groups.

    The lodge offers fully guided fishing packages, which include a round trip speed boat shuttle to and from Fair Harbour. Guests also have the option to charter a float plane from Campbell River, Gold River, Seattle, or Vancouver directly to the lodge for an additional cost. During their stay, guests are treated to gourmet home-style meals, unlimited snacks, and complimentary wine with dinner. A team of professional, friendly, and certified saltwater fishing guides lead the fishing expeditions on 24 ft cabin cruiser boats, fully equipped with tackle, bait, and fuel.

    For guests who prefer to bring their own boat, the lodge offers special packages that include accommodations, meals, moorage, and freezer space for storing their catch. Fish processing services are available at an extra cost, and the lodge's established fish processing facility caters not only to guests but also to surrounding lodges and seasonal residents.

    The lodge is situated on a 2.861-acre Licence of Occupation with the provincial government, designated for commercial recreation purposes. The licence is valid for a 30-year term, commencing on Feb 25, 2019, and expiring on Feb 25, 2049. Moreover, there is an upland Licence of Occupation with a utility designation for the diesel power generator.

    Slam Bang Fishing Lodge comes fully equipped with all the contents needed for a seamless takeover, including 8 fridges, 5 freezers, beds, tables, two 30-kilowatt generators, a small generator for off-season use, 2 industrial vacuum packers, a 10 x 10 ft walk-in fish freezer, label maker, computers, industrial cooker, maintenance tools, spare electrical and plumbing parts, as well as three boats—a 23-foot custom aluminum charter boat with a 300 Yamaha and 10 hp kicker, and two 18 ft aluminum service boats with 90 Yamahas.

    If you are an avid angler seeking a fishing lodge on the coast of British Columbia, Slam Bang Salmon Fishing Lodge offers a fantastic opportunity in a truly special location. With its prime position along the migration path of the Chinook and coho salmon, abundant marine life, and diverse fishing options. The lodge's established business, complete with comfortable accommodations, professional guides, and fish processing facilities, provides a solid foundation for future growth and success. Please contact Jamie, Jason or Richard for additional information including Licences of Occupation, management plans, financials or to schedule a viewing of this spectacular opportunity!


    • 2.861 acres (Camp)
    • 0.035 acres (Utility)


    Union Island in Kyuquot Sound - West Coast of Vancouver Island


    Access by boat or float plane. It is 10 miles by water from Fair Harbour Marina and Campground, which is about a 3.5-hour drive from Campbell River.

    From Campbell River head north to Sayward and turn towards Woss. 21 km past Woss, turn left off Hwy 19 towards Zeballos (this is a well-maintained gravel road), then turn right and follow signs to Fair Harbour for boat pickup.

    Area Data

    Fair Harbour

    The gateway to Kyuquot, Fair Harbour is a full-service marina and campground that provides rental cabins, dry camping, parking, moorage, fuel, boat launch, washrooms, showers, laundry, and a convenience store for guests visiting the Kyuquot Sound area. It is about a 3.5-hour drive from Campbell River.

    Kyuquot Sound

    Kyuquot Sound is the smallest of the five large sounds on the West Coast of Vancouver Island. Surrounded by mountains, Kyuquot Sound has two main inlets, Kashutl and Tahsis, and many islands and islets. It is renowned for sport fishing and being the closest location to the continental shelf.


    Fishing salmon, halibut, and lingcod, cruising, sailing, kayaking, surfing, wildlife, bird, and whale watching.

    Map Reference

    50° 0'54.61"N and 127°18'48.19"W

    Tax Details

    $1,660 (2023) - Lodge
    $220 (2023) - Utility


    Electoral Area A - Kyuquot/Nootka-Sayward
    Subdivision Servicing Standard Bylaw No. 64, 2010

    Additional zoning information can be found on the Strathcona Regional District website.


    Commercial Recreation Purpose Licence No. V922316, File No. 1402913
    Unsurveyed Crown foreshore or land covered by water being part of the bed of Crowther Channel, Rupert District

    Utility Purpose Licence No. V936540, File No. 1414924
    That parcel or tract of unsurveyed Crown land in the vicinity of Crowther Channel, Rupert District

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