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    Dome Creek Outfitters Big Game Territory

    Robson Valley & Fraser Fort George Listing No. 20044

    Big Game Territory covering almost 800 square miles in MU 7-05 in the Robson Valley. Road accessible hunting camp on a gorgeous small lake with great trout fishing. 5-year quota for 35 moose. Guests can hunt moose, elk, deer, black bear, cougar, wolf, and mountain goats.


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    Dome Creek Outfitters covers almost 800 square miles in in the Robson Valley in Management Unit 7-05 running about 50 miles along the west side of the Fraser River and on both sides of Highway 16 north from Goat River for 50 miles. Hunting for moose, elk, white tail deer, mule deer, mountain goat, black bear, cougar, and wolf.

    The 5-year quota for moose is 35 (up to 11 per year), remainder of tags are open season under provincial regulations for mountain goat, whitetail deer, mule deer, elk, black bear, cougar, and wolf. According to provincial wildlife biologists the moose population is stable and thriving.

    The road accessible lakeside hunting camp is so special it is worth owning the territory just to have this amazing spot. Originally a trapper’s cabin, the camp site is over 100--years-old and it is one of the main reasons the owners bought it and when you get there you will understand why. Guests enjoy amazing rainbow trout fishing in a secluded serene setting.

    The camp has a 16’ x 24’ fully equipped cook house that includes propane fridge and stove, 3 hunter cabins accommodate 15 guests, pantry cabin, unfinished cabin, skinning shed, tool shed, 2 outhouses, generator, and shower house where guests can enjoy a hot shower after an exciting day of hunting.

    The owners are semi-retired and selectively harvest game ensuring healthy wildlife populations. They have operated the territory as a labour of love enjoying the lakeside camp and benefits of owning a guide territory.

    Owning the territory also offers endless opportunities to run year-round tourism activities such as guided horse trips, hiking, wildlife viewing, snowshoeing and winter camping.


    Guide Outfitter Territory 800 square miles in MU 7-05 in the Robson Valley.
    Camp on Licence of Occupation.


    Robson Valley west side of Fraser River in Management Unit 7-05


    Call Rich to arrange showing.

    Area Data

    Robson Valley

    The Robson Valley Region is a collection of communities nestled on the edge of the Rocky Mountains in northern British Columbia, between Prince George, Jasper, and Kamloops. The Robson Valley Region includes: Dome Creek, Loos, Crescent Spur, McBride, Dunster, Tête Jaune Cache, and Valemount. The communities and lifestyle are a great opportunity to step back and enjoy life; the outdoors, nature, fresh air, wildlife, and close neighbours.

    Living in the Robson Valley is your chance to step away from the busy pace of city life, and embrace space, serenity, scenic views, community, outdoor adventures, and a life that anyone can afford.


    Area recreation includes hiking, horseback riding, mountain biking, geocaching, hunting, fishing, cross-country skiing, snowshoeing and the Robson Valley is renowned for world-class snowmobiling and heli-skiing. The Ancient Forest, with 1,000+ year old cedars and the Morkill River Falls are just 50 minutes away. The tourism and hunting possibilities are endless, and the abundance of wildlife and scenery are breathtaking. This is the ideal country getaway with excellent income generating potential.


    The lakeside site was originally a trapper’s cabin and there has been a camp of some kind there for over a hundred years.


    Please see mapping section - all boundaries are approximate.

    Map Reference

    53°38'53.90"N and 121°11'18.33"W

    Investment Features

    Big Game territory.




    Hunting Camp on Mountain Lake

    16’ x 24’ cook house with accommodation, 3 hunter cabins, unfinished bunkhouse, pantry cabin, shower house with hot water tank, skinning shed, tool shed, 2 outhouses, and generator.

    Tax Details

    $192.82 (2020)


    • Bar WK/Dome Creek Outfitters 800 square mile territory
    • Guide Territory Certificate #71008, 800± square miles
    • License of Occupation #706390
    • Grazing License RAN07728 for 7 horses
    • Park Use Permit 107692

    Maps & Plans


    Maps & Plans

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