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    2,170 ft² Log Home Nestled Amongst 77 Acres with Private 8-Acre Lake - Little Fort, BC

    Thompson Nicola Listing No. 20163

    Stunning log home overlooking a private 8-acre natural lake. The owner estimates lake depth at 18-20 m. 150 ft dock extending out into the lake. Bonus gazebo with central hearth & 360° panoramic views. House has 4 bedrooms, 2 baths & large bright kitchen.


    77.49 acres

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    A truly one of kind property with unrivalled beauty and charm. This property features a 2,170 ft2 log home nestled amongst 77 acres of wild beauty. In addition to the home is a completely private 8-acre lake (Mirror Lake) with an estimated depth of 18 - 20 metres. Extending out onto the lake is a 150 ft dock, which serves as a swim platform, a place to launch a canoe, or the perfect fishing spot in the evening glow. The dock is constructed of thick timbers and utilizes 4 large floats. The dock is lined with lush cat tails and bull rushes, which guide you out onto the lake. The water in the lake is clean and fresh. The vibrant blue colour of the lake water is a stark contrast to the dark green of the surrounding forests. The lake has been previously stocked with rainbow trout and may be stocked again by a future owner. There is additional water on the property with various creeks present. These creeks include Davis and Demers Creek.

    The property has a mixture of virgin and second growth forest. The roadway to access the property is extremely quiet with only local traffic. The driveway cuts through the forest and opens into a large clearing where the residence, outbuildings and lake all become visible. The driveway wraps around the house permitting quick and easy access/egress to and from the property even for large trucks. The Nehalliston Forest Service Road borders the western portion of the property. This service road provides recreational access to thousands of square kilometers of Crown land. This roadway vastly expands your recreational opportunity in the area.

    Mcnab road is maintained and possesses a very mild grade compared to many other residential roadways in the area. This makes the property extremely easy to access year-round. Additionally, Mcnab road and the portion of Highway 24 closest to the property is very quiet. There is very little traffic besides local traffic. This means no traffic jams and no traffic noise.

    The topography of the property is relatively flat through the main valley, which contains the residence and the lake. The property begins to gradually ascend as you head towards the west. From these hill tops you are provided with an excellent view of the residence and lake below. There are ample trails throughout the property’s forest to explore and navigate. This may be done by foot in the summer months or by snowshoes in the winter.

    There is a large and flat garden space on the west side of the home. The long summer days and warm climate create ideal conditions to grow a large range of produce. In the front of the house there is also several fruit trees including an apple tree, which produces an immense quantity of sweet, delicious apples each year. In addition to the apple tree, there are plum trees, cherry trees and raspberry bushes. All of these fruits are excellent for making your very own home made jam.

    A bonus gazebo adorns the property and provides immaculate 360 degree panoramic views including a stunning view of the lake. The gazebo has a large stone fire place at its center to help warm the occupants. There is everything you need to cook and prep a wonderful meal in the gazebo including a professional cooking stove. There is a freezer and fridge in the gazebo for food storage. This gazebo is fully self-contained and is an ideal location to house guests/family who come to visit during the summer. It can function as a guest house or as a space to recreate during the summer evenings.

    For additional storage of canned goods and other supplies there is a covered cold storage on the property as well. The landowner will include his tractor with front-end loader and his portable sawmill in the transaction as well.

    Main Residence

    Although the exterior of the home was constructed in 1995, the interior was completed in 2016 with construction having commenced in 2014. This means that all of the homes interior infrastructure is very new and in excellent shape. Professional contractors were utilized for all plumbing and electrical work.

    As you enter the home through the front door, you are greeted by a grand living space and kitchen area. This is an enormous area perfect for hosting guests and family. There are large widows throughout showering the room with light. The windows at the front of the house provide stunning views out onto the lake. The kitchen has a stove, sink and plenty of counter space. There is ample room for an island if a new owner required additional storage or counter top.

    The kitchen opens into the living room allowing you to cook and clean and still socialize with guests. There is a large Blaze King wood stove in the living room, which basks the entire house with warmth. The living room is the ideal space to gather together and share each other’s company. From the living room you enter into the back hallway. In this hallway there is additional storage space under the stairs, access to the master bedroom and the main floor bathroom. The master bedroom is large and bright with windows consuming two full walls. The bathroom is spacious with all necessities. In this back hallway there is a door, which exits out to the wood storage area. This is a covered area with a sloped roof to help keep the chopped wood dry. The wood storage’s convenient location permits easy access to replenish the wood in the Blaze King stove. Ascending the stairs to the second level, the ceilings open up revealing their impressive height. There is a large window at the top of the stairs, which illuminates the entire common area on the second floor. There is space here for an office and computer. There is a full bathroom on this level with an enormous south facing window that offers stunning views of the surrounding forest. The washer and dryer are also housed in this bathroom. The three bedrooms on the upstairs floor are all very similar in design. They all offer wonderful views of the lake, or forest beyond. The ceiling in each bedroom achieves great heights, as they follow the A-frame structure of the roof. The bedrooms are spacious and private permitting the occupants to escape into their own serene space.


    This property is located amongst the rugged forests of Little Fort, BC. The property is located on the north side of Highway 24 just west of Little Fort. The property is located approximately 93 km from 100 Mile House and 100 km from Kamloops.


    From Kamloops, head north on Highway 5 for 93 km until you reach the town of Little Fort. Turn left (west) on Highway 24 and proceed 5.8 km until the intersection with Mcnab Road. Turn right (north) and continue on Mcnab road for 1.30 km at which point the property’s driveway will be on the left (west) side of the road. Mcnab Road is a maintained road.

    From 100 Mile House, head south on Highway 97 for approximately 7.3 km. Turn left (east) on Highway 24 and proceed for approximately 86.5 km and turn left (north) on Mcnab Road. Proceed north for 1.30 km at which point, the property’s driveway will be on the left (east) side of the road.

    Area Data

    Little Fort, BC

    Little Fort is a small community on the west bank of North Thompson River in the interior of British Columbia. It is some 93 kilometres north of Kamloops. The community is located at the junction of Highway 5 and Highway 24 in British Columbia. The population of Little Fort is currently estimated at 1,900 individuals.

    Kamloops, BC

    Kamloops is a city in south-central British Columbia at the confluence of the two branches of the Thompson River near Kamloops Lake.

    Kamloops is the Tournament Capital of Canada and hosts over 100 tournaments each year at world class sports facilities such as the Tournament Capital Centre, Kamloops Bike Ranch and Tournament Capital Ranch. Tourism, education and healthcare are major contributing industries to the regional economy and have grown in recent years.

    Kamloops was British Columbia's first city to become a Bee City in 2016 as numerous organisations in the community are actively to protect and create bumble bee habitats in the city.

    Kamloops is the largest community in the Thompson-Nicola Regional District and the location of the regional district's offices. The surrounding region is more commonly referred to as the Thompson Country. It is ranked 37th on the list of the 100 largest metropolitan areas in Canada and represents the 44th largest census agglomeration nationwide, with 90,280 residents in 2016. Kamloops has a regional district population of 132,663.


    The property is blanketed with thick coniferous forest. Where sunlight has penetrated the valley floor, birch trees and lush grass has taken hold. Surrounding the lake are aquatic plants including bull rushes, cat tails and lily pads. All this vegetation creates ideal habitat for an immense variety of birds and mammals.

    There are open areas around the lake suitable for planting and growing Christmas trees. With sufficient space, the current owner has suggested that significant profits could be attained if a new owner were to plant Christmas trees around the lake and permitted them to grow for several years. The region surrounding the property has the perfect climatic conditions to grow Douglas fir and Colorado blue spruce. This can be done without the need to irrigate, as there is sufficient moisture and ideal temperatures to grow these trees.


    The region surrounding the property is famous for its outdoor recreational opportunities. The following activities are available:


    The property sits in Management Unit 3-39 offering unrivaled hunting opportunities for mule deer, moose, bear and multiple game bird species.


    Within a short commute, the ample annual snowfall and high altitudes to the west create some of the best snowmobiling opportunities around. There are infinite miles of seismic trails/logging networks to explore.

    Cross-Country Skiing

    The same snow, which affords excellent snowmobiling opportunity provides excellent cross-country skiing conditions. This is a wonderful way to explore the peaceful countryside without the constant hum of an engine.


    The many river networks and lakes that dot the landscape provide infinite fishing and boating opportunities. There are many trophy trout fishing resorts, which line Highway 24, due west of the property. These lakes are all available as day trips.

    If you wish to go fishing in a different lake other than the one located on the property, within a 1-hour drive from the property, there are some of the best rainbow trout lakes in all of British Columbia. Some of the lakes within 1 hour of the property include:

    • Bonaparte Lake
    • Caverhill Lake
    • Akehurst Lake
    • Machete Lake
    • Long Island Lake
    • Pioneer Lake
    • Johnny Lake
    • Lac des Roches
    • Birch Lake
    • Bridge Lake
    • Sheridan Lake
    • Horse Lake
    • Fawn Lake
    • Deka Lake
    • Hathaway Lake
    • Sulphurous Lake
    • Canim Lake
    • Young Lake
    • Green lake
    • And many more…

    With all the surrounding Crown land and nature, the options for hiking and camping are endless.


    The combination of the warm regional climate and long summer days create unrivalled growing conditions for fruits and vegetables.

    Urban Recreation

    Kamloops, being only an hour away, offers the opportunity to eat out for dinner, catch a flick or enjoy the community rec center, or catch a Kamloops Blazers WHL game. 100 Mile House is also a mere 93 km from the property offering further urban recreational opportunities.


    Little Fort and the Lower North Thompson is full of rich history and early settler exploration. Little Fort was established in 1860 for the purpose of fur trapping. Numerous gold discoveries throughout the Thompson further drove development and exploration throughout the region bringing an influx of settlers into the region.

    As gold fever diminished, many settlers remained behind to farm and ranch the lush and fertile valleys formed by the Thompson River. The logging industry also began to take a foothold with the development of regional rail road networks. Logging and ranching continue to dominate the local economies surrounding Little Fort.

    Map Reference

    51°28'46.40"N and 120°14'19.03"W


    • 220 service electricity
    • Water - drilled well
    • Septic
    • Heating - electric and wood stove
    • Xplornet communications
    • 3 water licences (irrigation, domestic use and stream storage)
       o Stream storage: 30,837 m3/year
       o Irrigation: 30,837 m3/year
       o Domestic: 4.56 m3/day


    • 2,170 ft2 residence
    • Gazebo
    • Wood sheds and storage structures
    • 150 ft dock with floats

    Tax Details

    $4,502.03 (2018)


    RL-1 (This property is not in the ALR). There is subdivision potential.


    That part of DL 1828 shown on Plan B18239 Kamloops Division Yale District except Plan 43107
    PID 013-164-147

    Maps & Plans


    Maps & Plans

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