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    2,093 Acre Cattle Ranch with Ranch Home - Chetwynd BC

    Peace River & Northeastern BC Listing No. 18169

    Stunning 2,093 contiguous acre ranch with 600+ acres in production, 800+ acres in pasture, fencing, corrals, 30 x 50 ft calving barn, 30 x 50 ft wired shop and a large bright ranch home. Capable of sustaining 200-250 MAUs and possesses excellent hunting.


    2,093 acres ~ 5 titles

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    This is a true working cattle ranch with 2,093 adjoining acres capable of sustaining 200-250 MAUs. The property is located northeast of Chetwynd and offers unsurpassed beauty and serenity. All infrastructure is in place to comfortably and safely handle this size of herd. There is additional opportunity to expand the property’s production lands and pasture to permit increased growth in herd size. Presently, the landowner has plans to expand the current hay production on the property. It is estimated that there will be 700+ acres of production land by the end of the year.

    The existing 600+ acres of hay production are capable of yielding approximately 2,000 hay bales/annum at 2,250 lbs./bale. To help house these large surpluses of hay, there are two stack yards with 8ft game fencing. Much of 800+ acres in pasture has been cleared disced and seeded by the landowner to provide high quality grazing. The seed mixture utilized is as follows: 25% Fleet Meadow Bromegrass, 15% Orchardgrass, 10% Tall Fescue, 15% Norlea Perennial Ryegrass, 15% Birdsfoot Trefoil, 20% Alma Timothy.

    The landowner strategically cleared portions of the land while leaving timber in other locations to provide travel corridors for wildlife and thermal cover for his cattle herds. Wind rows have been created to help protect grazing animals from cold northern winds.

    There are miles of quality fencing on the property designed to allow rotational grazing at different junctures of the year. A system of gates permits the owner to move cattle throughout the property with relative ease. It also permits the landowner to move vehicles and equipment across adjoining parcels. There is a significant amount of water on the property procured naturally from various lakes and artificially from numerous dugouts. There are approximately 15 dugouts on the property. Each individual parcel possesses some form of water supply capable of watering your stock during even the driest months.

    Connecting the various parcels is a diverse and well-formed set of trails and roadways, which permit access across all parcels and in a variety of farm vehicles. These trail networks enhance the various parcels connectivity and allow the rancher to access even the most remote portions of the property in mere minutes.

    The corrals are designed for a single individual to safely sort and load large quantities of animals. Loading chutes of varying heights are installed to permit for the loading of various stock trailers. Within the corrals there are three water tanks, to keep stock watered during sorting. These stock tanks are fed by the property’s primary lake and utilize solar panels to run the pumps, which directs water through an underground line to the main farm yard.

    The calving barn opens into the corrals and possesses a Hi-Hogg maternity pen, concrete floors, underfloor heating, cattle squeeze and a hayloft. The barn is large and functional at 30 x 50 ft. The wired Goodon shop offers 220-amp electrical service and is also 30 x 50 ft. The shop also has a concrete floor and is heated with propane. The bay door on the south end of the shop is 20 ft wide and 14 ft high allowing you to bring all types of equipment inside to conduct maintenance. There is a second-floor mezzanine for additional storage. Both the barn and the shop exteriors are clade with metal siding to enhance their longevity.

    The property borders onto both Windy Creek to the north and the Pine River to the east. This has a boosting effect on the amount of wildlife that occupies the property at different times of the year. The combination of wild and tamed pasture, hay fields, water, thick stands of timber and river valleys creates ideal habitat for mule deer, whitetail deer, moose, elk, bears, wolves and an infinite number of bird species. Fowl are particularly fond of the lakes and dugouts and provide ample sport for the discerning sportsmen.

    There is a bonus hunting cabin on the most remote parcel (PID 016-968-514). The hunting cabin has a metal roof, wood stove, and plenty of space for several adults to sleep comfortably. The cabin is perfectly located for a remote camping sleep out, or as a base camp for a weekend hunting trip.

    The property is bordered by Crown land to the east and to the north. All other relations with neighbouring landowners are exceptional, as this is a very tight-knit ranching community.

    In the ranch’s present state, the landowner is prepared to run 200-250 MAUs. This is by no means the maximum capacity of the property. If a new owner were inclined, there is plenty of additional space on the various parcels to bring existing pasture into hay production and existing timbered space into pasture. This would serve to increase the available grazing and in turn increase the ranch’s carrying capacity. The landowner predicts that if improvements to the ranch continue, a carrying capacity of 350 MAUs is possible. This is a turnkey operation and ready to bring profits to a new owner.

    Ranch House

    The ranch house is far superior to anything you will find on the majority of working ranches. This house was designed with comfort in mind and to entertain guests and family. The house is a cumulative 4,124 sqft up and down if you include portions of the unfinished basement. Built in 1992, and significantly updated in 2008, the front porch opens into a large bright kitchen and dining room with all the amenities needed to host and cook for large gatherings of people. The kitchen has two ovens, a gas stove and a spacious island for meal prep. The large window off the dining area takes in the sun from the south and baths the kitchen in its warm glow all day long.

    Off of the kitchen is the immense family room. Again, this room can comfortably host numerous people on its many couches and receives plenty of natural sunlight from the many south and east facing windows. This family room exists out into a sunroom, which further brightens the entirety of the family room. The sunroom provides the pleasurable feeling of sitting outdoors all while still enjoying the warmth found inside the house. There is a large contiguous deck on the south and east sides of the house, which offer up views of the morning sunrise and evening sunset.

    There are three bedrooms upstairs and one down. If additional bedrooms were required, there is ample space to complete the conversions of other rooms. There is a bonus bathroom downstairs that has already been roughed in.

    The house is heated with a 2014 outdoor wood boiler, which is highly efficient and only needs to be filled twice/day even during the coldest months. The boiler is responsible for suppling hot water and for the heated forced air system. There is also the option to heat the house using propane and there is a large propane tank on site. The house operates on a septic lagoon and the main water supply is from a 4,800 gallon cistern.

    In the main yard there is also a lush and beautiful garden where you can grow a variety of vegetables. The remainder of the yard is well maintained with ample space for kids and grandchildren to run and play.

    Ultimately, the house is an ideal ranch home capable of raising a very large and happy family. It is cozy and functional and offers plenty of living space to provide each family member with sufficient privacy.


    This ranch is located approximately 37 kilometres northeast of the town of Chetwynd, as the crow flies. It is off the Jackfish Lake Road and rests in the heart of British Columbia’s Peace River Region. This is ranch country in its truest sense.


    From downtown Chetwynd, proceed north on Highway 29 (Moberly Lake Road) out of town until the intersection with Jackfish Lake Road. Turn right onto Jackfish Lake Road and proceed on this roadway heading north/northeast for approximately 36 kilometres until you intersect with driveway at 838 Jackfish Road. The driveway will be on the eastside (right-hand side) of the roadway.

    Area Data

    The Peace River Region of British Columbia lays claim as the most robust and diverse economic region of the province outside of the Lower Mainland. The regional GDP has exceeded $6.6 billion over the last several years and employment opportunities abound.

    The region contains vast supplies of natural gas. It is estimated that Northeast British Columbia holds more than 2,933 trillion cubic feet of natural gas. This resource provides significant economic opportunity, as global companies invest in resource extraction and infrastructure to transport the region’s various petroleum products to market.

    The town of Chetwynd is a transportation and service hub for the oil and gas industry. The town is home to numerous hotel/motels providing the bulk of the accommodation for regional economic activity. There is infinite business opportunity to service this diverse work force. Trades, transportation and equipment operating dominate the workforce providing a high-income source of clientele for all local businesses.

    The primary employers within Chetwynd include the forest industries - West Fraser/Bio-Energy Plant, Canadian Forest Products and Chetwynd Mechanical Pulp. All three facilities provide stable, year-round employment for the residents of Chetwynd and present commercial servicing opportunities.

    Situated along Highway 97 and serving as the gateway to the Peace River Region, Chetwynd is an essential hub for travelers commuting from British Columbia’s lower interior to the major cities of Dawson Creek and Fort St John.

    There is a general airport within Chetwynd that may service local aviation needs. A commercial airport exists in the nearby towns of Dawson Creek and Fort St. John.

    There are numerous large scale oil and gas construction projects occurring in the immediate vicinity of Chetwynd. The Jackfish Lake Expansion Project most recently provided excellent employment and economic opportunity for trade workers and oil and gas service companies stationed in Chetwynd.

    Ultimately, Chetwynd is a town on the rise where economic and recreational activity abounds.

    Dwason Creek, located 100 kilometres away, is the primary auction location for ranchers in the Peace River Region. There is the Vold, Jones and Vold Auction Company (VJV Auction Company), in Dawson which provides an easily accessible market for this ranch and its product. There is also Patterson’s Auction Mart, which provides additional an additional option for regional ranchers.


    The property and surrounding area features tall stands of poplar and aspen with intermixed stands of various species of coniferous trees. The river valleys surrounding the property are heavily shrouded in timber while the benches upon which the ranch rests are mostly natural and tamed pastured with sprawling hay fields intermixed.


    The recreation is endless. Any recreational activity feasible on a large working cattle ranch may be undertaken on this property. The following list of recreational pursuits are not exhaustive:


    The property resides in Management Unit 7-32 and offers general tags for mule deer, whitetail deer, elk, moose, bear, wolves and a variety of game bird species. The hunting on the property is truly exceptional and the season lengths are long and generous. With the added bonus of the hunting cabin on parcel number 016-968-514, a multiday hunt may be staged from the back of the property. The property borders Crown land to the north and to the east increasing the available hunting territory in the immediate vicinity of the ranch.

    With the numerous bodies of water dotting the ranches landscape, the water fowling would be excellent and excellent sport could be made in their pursuit.


    Not only is there excellent fishing opportunity in the area surrounding the ranch (Moberly Lake), but there is a very productive pike lake on the property itself. Rarely can a property lay claim to its very own pike fishing lake entirely encapsulated on private property. These pike may be fished for from shore or via a boat. Either way, it will provide endless hours of entertainment for the whole family.


    Obviously, all infrastructure is already in place to house and graze numerous horses. With the numerous trails and wonderful scenery, there is endless opportunity to ride recreationally throughout the ranch and on the adjacent Crown land.


    With the diversity/immensity of the property and its abundant beauty, an individual could spend their entire life exploring the ranch by foot and discover new joys each time.


    The town of Chetwynd was once known as Little Prairie. However, with the expansion of the Pacific Great Eastern Railway through the town in 1957, the town’s name was changed to Chetwynd in honor of the Minister of Railroads, Ralph Chetwynd.

    The town was connected to the Southern Interior of British Columbia for vehicular passengers in 1952 when the John Hart Highway from Prince George to Dawson Creek was completed. The construction of the railway and highway through Chetwynd solidified the town as a major transportation hub and jumping off point for Northern British Columbia.

    Canfor and West Fraser Timber Products purchased sawmills in town in 1964 and 1971 respectively. These two companies rapidly became the town’s largest employers and continue to provide ongoing economic growth for the municipality. Forestry and timber refinement continue to be a major source of economic activity for the region along with oil/gas and ranching.

    Map Reference

    55°59'33.09"N and 121°18'7.14"W

    Investment Features

    • 2,093 contiguous acres
    • 600+ acres in hay production and increasing (produces 2,000 bales/annum)
    • 800+ acres in pasture and increasing
    • Miles of fencing for rotational grazing
    • Natural lakes and man-made dugouts
    • Corral system with metal gates and two loading chutes at different heights
    • 30’ x 50’ wired and heated calving barn with maternity pen
    • 30’ x 50’ wired and heated shop
    • Cattle squeeze
    • Bulk propane tank
    • 4,800 gallon cistern

    The option to purchase the closed herd and equipment/machinery may be available upon request.


    • 220-amp electrical service
    • Septic lagoon
    • Water: 4,800 gallon cistern
    • Stock water available via pumps and underground water line powered with solar energy


    • 4,124 ft² residence with partly finished basement, sunroom and large deck
    • 30’ x 50’ Goodon shop with concrete floors, propane heating, 220-amp electrical service and a 14’ x 20’ bay door
    • 30’ x 50’ calving barn with concrete floors, heat, electricity, maternity pen and hay loft
    • Hunting cabin with metal roof and wood stove

    Tax Details

    $1,609 (2015)




    • Parcel A (Plan 25211) of DL 2588 & 2916 Peace River District - PID 015-069-222
    • Parcel B (S8398) of DL 2588 Peace River District - PID 007-347-341
    • DL 2917 Peace River District except the W 80 feet - PID 014-970-708
    • DL 2918 Peace River District except the W 80 feet - PID 014-970-767
    • DL 2919 Peace River District - PID 016-968-514

    Maps & Plans


    Maps & Plans

    Our property descriptions and geographical information are taken from the BC Assessment Authority, Land Titles Office, government maps and other sources. While LandQuest® does not guarantee the information, we believe it to be accurate, but should not be relied upon without verification. This communication is not intended to cause or induce breach of an existing agency agreement.