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    Buckinghorse River Lodge - Alaska Highway, Pink Mountain

    Peace River & Northeastern BC Listing No. 18076

    Located between Fort St. John & Fort Nelson. Beautifully situated in the last stretch of the flatlands before the rolling landscape of the Rocky Mountains, a perfect place to get away. Established lodge. Hunting, fishing & noted in the region for viewing amazing wildlife.


    60 acres with river frontage

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    60 stunning acres on the Buckinghorse River. This is a turnkey business operation with the resources, materials and years of business goodwill to turn an instant profit. A new owner would be able to step in and instantly begin making money. The location of the property and business is such that it is one of the few stops between Fort St John and Fort Nelson. It is unavoidable to drive past this property whilst driving the Alaska Highway. This means a constant stream of tourists and travelers commuting past your business with no option but to stop. Additionally, there is large quantities of natural gas exploration/drilling, pipeline construction and road work occurring in the area. This provides the lodge, restaurant, cabins and motel with long-term tenants/customers. This is a sustainable investment with an opportunity to build on what already exists.

    The lodge includes 2 cabins, a 7-bedroom motel, successful restaurant (known for its homestyle cooking), RV campground and log cabin residence. This lodge is seasoned, prepped and ready for recreational and business ventures. It is currently in operation and derives a sizable income each year. This lodge provides visitors with a chance to experience some of nature’s greatest outdoor activities. With endless mountains, rivers, trails, lakes and wild animals one will always be enthralled with Northern BC.

    Cabin (1994)
    • 16’ x 20’ typical trapper cabin with dove tail corners
    • Has a loft large enough for two single beds
    • Staircase to loft with handrail throughout
    • Insulated floor with lino throughout
    • Completely sealed with Perma-Chink
    • Ceiling, bathroom and furniture needed to complete
    • Good foundation, enclosed crawl space
    • Septic line installed to crawl space
    • No water service
    • Power supply needs updating, 40-amp at present
    • Galvanized metal roof
    Cabin (2008)
    • 16’ x 20’ European scribed log cabin
    • 98% finished
    • Metal roof 2009
    • All services completed, 60-amp electrical service
    • Propane heat with parlour stove looking heater with glass front
    • 30-gallon electric hot water tank
    • Jet air bath tub, pedestal sink lighted medicine cabinet with mirror front
    • Clothes closet, kitchen cart with casters, mini fridge, second stand with casters
    • Loveseat, coffee table, side table, bed side table, large entertainment centre, 40-inch flat screen TV with Shaw Direct satellite receiver
    • Five point elk mount with permit attached (outside above front entrance)
    • Covered walkway and front deck with hand rail
    • Above ground enclosed, insulated and heated crawl space
    Log House (2010)
    • 24’ x 40’ European scribed log home
    • Built to be the main residence (as of March, 2012 home is approx. 85% finished)
    • Below ground crawl space with 80,000 BTU propane furnace operational but (no ducting installed)
    • Satellite TV and phone line installed and functional
    • Metal roof 2010
    • 100-amp electrical service
    • Water and septic plumbing 100% done
    • 9’ x 4’ bathroom with heated floor with thermostat, one piece built in tub and shower, exhaust fan, lighting, 30-gallon electric hot water tank, 8 ft vanity, sink and simulated marble top
    • Dual Flush easy clean toilet
    • All bathroom plumbing is complete
    • Electrical is complete with two GFI outlets above the vanity
    • The room is completely finished in 1’ x 6’ knotty pine and sealed with Varathane
    • All log joints are sealed with Perma-Chink Energy seal caulking in bathroom
    • 14’ x 14’ bedroom completely finished in knotty pine and vinyl coated panelling
    • Laminate flooring throughout
    • All lighting and outlets completed
    • Entrance doors to bedroom, bathroom and bedroom to bathroom are real knotty pine doors
    • 40 inch LCD TV - 2012
    • 7-piece queen bedroom suite, stained solid pine
    • 2012 Easy Chair Window Drapes
    Main Room
    • The main living area, 24’ x 26’, is all open with a large fire place prominent
    • Ceiling is completely insulated and covered with plywood and finished in knotty pine
    • Wood burning fire place (chimneys for fire place and furnace are complete)
    • Most electrical is completed with plugs, lighting and switches in place and functional
    • Two large picture windows and one large casement window that opens
    • Insulated metal front door
    • Energy seal Perma-Chink caulking done
    • 2010 to 2012 living room furniture
    • 51-inch plasma TV
    • Upper kitchen cabinets
    • Kitchen table and chairs, small fridge, microwave, toaster oven all new

    The motel was built in 1976 and has had renovations done to it in 2006, 2012 and 2013. A new metal roof was installed in 2009 at a value of $ 11,000. The interior of the motel is as follows:

    Three rooms with one double bed, TV stand, 20-inch flat screen TV, Shaw Direct satellite receiver, each with washroom with shower, toilet and hand sink, misc. furniture. Window covering in each. Each has a propane wall furnace. Four rooms with two twin beds in each and set up as above rooms.

    Bedding includes comforters for all with four spares, blankets include one for each with three spares, sheets and pillow cases three sets per bed, pillows include two for double beds and one for each twin with five spares. Some odd spare comforters and sheet sets.

    All rooms have had recent bed replacement starting 2012 and finished 2013. All but two rooms completely repainted. Some new showers and bathroom renos.

    Laundry Room
    • One propane wall furnace
    • One propane clothes dryer (2009)
    • One clothes washing machine (2011)
    • Bath towels, hand towels, face cloths enough for two sets per room
    • Misc odd spare towels, hand towels and face cloths
    • One ironing board and iron
    • One canister vacuum cleaner
    • One 40 gallon electric hot water tank
    • One 20 gallon water pressure tank
    • Misc. tables and shelving
    • Misc. brooms and mops and cleaning supplies
    • Misc. other motel supplies e.g. hand soaps, drinking glasses etc.
    Staff Rooms

    A typical dry sleeper dorm with eight individual rooms with sat TV in the main staff house (1,100 ft2). A new peaked metal roof was added in 2013. A staff shower, washroom and laundry skidded trailer also has a staff room with their own washroom at either end of the unit. Showers, washroom and laundry services are sold to the public from this unit. (600 ft2). There is also an un-connected four room wet sleeper that is used as a residence at present. (300 ft2).


    The restraint was built in 1976 and has had renovations in 2004. A new metal roof was installed in 2010. The restaurant appeals to commuters along the 97 Highway, but also to guests and long-term tenants who rely on the restaurant for their daily meals. The restaurant has the following components:

    • Propane glass front, direct vent fireplace heaters - 1998 & 2002
    • Propane 40 gallon hot water tank - 2013
    • Propane 140,000 BTU furnace in store room - 2004
    • Propane 2013 Quest thermostatic controlled grill, four burners and two convection ovens
    • Propane double basket deep fryer - 2013
    • Prep counter/cooler in kitchen
    • Three double door reach in coolers
    • One single door reach in cooler - 2003
    • One double door pop cooler - 2009 (Coca Cola owned)
    • Double door upright freezer - 2002
    • Three single door upright freezers
    • Two 12 cu ft chest freezers - 2002 & 2006
    • Three 20 cu ft chest freezers - ??, 2002 & 2009
    • Ice making machine - 2010
    • 20 quart dough mixer - 2009
    • Two hand held mix masters
    • Two microwaves
    • Three four slice toasters
    • One 32 in x 8 ft bakery counter with three drawers, and two flour and one sugar bins (custom built)
    • One dual filtered water cooler with a 3 gallon reservoir
    • Three glass front display cases
    • One 32 in x 8 ft coffee counter with four sliding doors & storage (custom built)
    • One cash register counter with storage - 2015
    • Two Royal cash registers - 2010
    • Four 40 x 48 in heavy wooden restaurant tables (custom)
    • Two 40 x 80 in heavy wooden restaurant tables (custom)
    • Two folding restaurant tables
    • 12 wooden upholstered restaurant chairs
    • 24 metal upholstered restaurant chairs new 2013
    • One upholstered office chair
    • One four drawer wooden office desk
    • Misc. pots, pans, strainers, wisps, tongs, fry pans, stock pots, bread pans, cookie sheets, muffin tins, cake pans, large roaster pans, stainless steel inserts etc.
    • Misc. oval and round dinner plates, side plates, soup bowls, salad plates, coffee cups, drinking glasses, cutlery, spoons etc. to operate the restaurant
    • Misc. shelving, food grade containers etc.
    • Misc. mechanical maintenance supplies for restaurant
    • Misc. paint and stain supplies for restaurant
    • One electric floor scrubber/polisher
    • One 20 gallon water pressure tank for restaurant water system
    • Misc. hand and power tools for restaurant maintenance
    • Two stainless steel shelving units approx. 16 x 60 x 32 in
    • One stainless steel kitchen prep counter with hand sink (not installed)
    • Two stainless steel triple sinks
    • 8,000 BTU air conditioner for kitchen window - 2009
    • Two 12,000 BTU air conditioners
    • Misc. electric fans


    Located approximately 200 km (120 miles) northwest of Fort St. John and 180 km (108 miles) from Fort Nelson at roughly a 175 mile on the Alaska Highway (Highway 9).

    Area Data

    The Peace River region of British Columbia lays claim as the most robust and diverse economic region of the province outside of the Lower Mainland. The regional GDP has exceeded $6.6 billion over the last several years and employment opportunities abound. The region also possesses 40% of the cumulative provincial ALR lands. This statistic demonstrates the regional economic reliance on agriculture.

    The region’s annual average temperature rests between -2.9 to 2 degrees Celsius and the region receives approximately 330-570 mm of annual precipitation. The area possesses rich, fertile soil and produces more wheat, barley and grass seed than any other region of the province.

    Fort St. John
    The city of Fort St. John is the most populace municipality in the Peace River Region with a population of 20,155. The oil and gas sector continues to be the primary economic driver of the municipality with over 15% of Fort St. John residents employed directly in the industry. Most regionally active oil/gas exploration, production and servicing companies have offices located in Fort St. John, which serve to boost other businesses particularly those in the service sector.

    Pink Mountain
    Pink Mountain is an unincorporated small community in British Columbia nestled in the Rocky Mountain Foothills. Pink Mountain’s name comes from the reddish tinge of the rocks on nearby mountains. Pink Mountain is a great place to spot wildlife such as mountain goats, bison, moose, elk and caribou. It boasts a rare population of arctic butterflies and beautiful red and blue plants. Bring your camera.


    Provincial parks, scenic mountains, lakes and rivers are all close to your new lodge. Not to mention great hunting and fishing and in the winter, snowmobiling, cross-country skiing and buffalo hunting. There are also miles and miles of great ATV riding and hiking trails.

    Redfern Park

    Two very important features of Redfern Provincial Park are the trail systems into the area; one trail follows Nevis Creek and the Besa River to Redfern Lake, and a second trail follows the Sikanni Chief River to Trimble Lake. Another trail links Trimble Lake to the Besa River, completing a loop. Both trails are open to snowmobiles, horses, hikers, mountain bikes and dog sleds. However, motorized ATV vehicles can only access the park via the Redfern Lake Trail. Motorized access along the Sikanni River Trail does not extend into the park. Primitive campsites are found along both trails.


    Fort St. John is rich in history and discovery. For instance, at Charlie Lake Cave, located 7 kilometers north of Fort St. John, archaeologists have uncovered artifacts from a Paleo-Indian settlement that was active there more than 10,500 years ago.

    It is also interesting to note that Fort St. John is the oldest non-native settlement in British Columbia. The town was first built in 1794 when it was called Rocky Mountain House. It was a staging point from which further incursions into Northern BC could take place. It was the Second World War which was responsible for expanding the infrastructure through the Fort St. John region with the construction of the Alaskan-Canada Highway.

    In 1951 the region gained fame, as a major producer of oil and gas in British Columbia. In that year the "Fort St. John No. 1" well hit gas at a depth of 1,524 metres. A few months later, in January 1952, the first deep well hit gas at 4,418 metres. Drilled on the Bouffioux Farm, that well is still producing today. Transportation/infrastructure improved at a rapid rate after that. In 1952, the Hart Highway finally connected the region to the rest of British Columbia, and in 1958 the Pacific Great Eastern Railway arrived in Fort St. John. That ease of transportation has allowed the region's agricultural and forest industries to compete in distant markets.

    Map Reference

    57°23'19.34"N and 122°51'18.19"W

    Investment Features

    Misc. plumbing, electrical and equipment maintenance supplies to be included with sale:

    • Misc. plastic and copper piping outside storage lean-to
    • 2014 90 kw generator with water cooled Perkins
    • 2006 55 kw generator with Deutz air cooled engine
    • Quantity of oil and fuel filters for generators
    • Misc. maintenance parts for generators
    • Quantity of engine oil for generators
    • Rotor tiller (2008) as new
    • Riding lawn mower (2011)
    • Self-propelled push mower (2011)
    • Hot water pressure washer (2014)
    • Quantity of plastic gas cans (6 or more)
    • Jackall, chains & boomers
    • 3/4 inch socket set
    • 1/2 inch socket set with regular & deep sockets
    • 3/8 drive metric socket set
    • Set of open end wrenches from 1/4 to 1 1/4 inch
    • Lots of other misc. tools and supplies as on premises at time of sale
    • 1981 Versatile Tractor good condition with complete parts tractor
    • Hydraulic post hole auger (8-inch), mounts on tractor bucket
    • 2007 Kawasaki 650 quad
    • 2009 Kawasaki Terex side by side
    • 8 x 10 ft meat cooler with refrigeration unit (can accommodate 6 animals)
    • Used 60 kw generator with fuel tank enclosure
    • One large battery charger
    • 1.5 in gas water pump with 200 ft of fire hose
    • 8 x 10 ft storage shed with green metal roof (2009)
    • Older single axle travel trailer (used for storage)
    • Bay pole shop built 2014 insulated - 2 x 6 walls, 2 x 8 ceiling, 10 x 10 ft barn doors
    Provincial Campground

    The owners have operated the Buckinghorse Provincial Campground for the last eleven years. Revenue from the campground varies but is usually somewhere around $20,000 per season (4 months). It is expected it would be able to be transferred, but the transfer would have to be approved by BC Parks.


    There is an estimated $50,000 worth of sand and gravel in a pile on the property Propane Dispenser System 24/7 Fuel card-lock for gas and diesel. Perfect for vehicles, semi-trucks and equipment Bucking Horse Financials are available upon request

    Additional Options to Purchase

    Current owners would also be willing to sell (in addition to the property and business):

    • 45 kw propane generator - $10,000
    • 55 kw Duetz generator - $8,000
    • 950 Cat Wheel Loader-GP Bucket - $30,000
    • 1980 Chev C70 Dump Truck - $6,000


    Electricity, fiber optics at lot line, gravel road, telephone, septic system and well-water.

    Tax Details

    $2,257.33 (2017)


    A2- Accommodates agricultural tourism


    PID 013-485-890

    Maps & Plans


    Maps & Plans

    Our property descriptions and geographical information are taken from the BC Assessment Authority, Land Titles Office, government maps and other sources. While LandQuest® does not guarantee the information, we believe it to be accurate, but should not be relied upon without verification. This communication is not intended to cause or induce breach of an existing agency agreement.