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    A Collection of Beautiful Bare Lots Located Minutes from Kootenay Lake - Crawford Bay, BC

    Kootenays Listing No. 24037

    Introducing 3 parcels, each offering its own distinct allure & possibilities. 2.71 acres with tiered terrain, level building site, adjacent to the road, & a gently descending lower level. 11.66 & 19.37 acres, both with potential building locations, open clearings, & lush vegetation.

    From $325,000

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    Lot 1 - SOLD

    Find the ideal location for your future home on this 2.71-acre plot within a new subdivision on Hedstrom Road, close to Crawford Creek in Crawford Bay, and mere minutes from the Ferry Terminal. With approximately 0.5 acres of flat, buildable land at a higher elevation, it provides a prime foundation for construction. The remaining 2.2 acres slope gently towards the Creek about 50 ft below, offering space for further development or to simply enjoy the peaceful, natural setting. Imagine your life in a tranquil neighborhood, complemented by a top-rated golf course, the beautiful shores of Kootenay Lake, and a welcoming community. GST is applicable.

    Lot 2 - $325,000

    Situated on Hedstrom Road, Lot 2 occupies over 11 acres, blending flat, usable terrain with a peaceful, forested setting, suitable for development or personal use. Close to Crawford Bay, it combines tranquility with convenience, ensuring essentials are within reach without compromising the serene environment. A five-minute drive to the golf course enhances its appeal for leisure. This versatile plot is ideal for those looking to create a private sanctuary, embark on a residential development, or seek investment opportunities, offering a mix of open and wooded areas for endless possibilities. GST is applicable.

    Lot 3 - $375,000

    Located on Hedstrom Road, Lot 3 spans over 19.37 acres, just minutes from the Ferry Terminal, blending a variety of landscapes suitable for diverse uses. This large tract offers the perfect mix of open spaces and serene woods, ideal for both grand projects and private retreats. An old hunting cabin on the site, while not economically valuable, provides a glimpse into a simpler, yet enduring architectural era. Near Crawford Bay, the property offers both seclusion and easy access to amenities, with a golf course just a five-minute drive away, adding to its allure with leisure possibilities. GST is applicable.


    Lots 1-3, Hedstrom Road - Crawford Bay, BC


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    Area Data

    Kootenay Lake, set in the Kootenay Rockies of southeastern British Columbia, is an awe-inspiring natural feature that stretches over 104 kilometres in length, flanked by the majestic Selkirk and Purcell Mountain ranges. This significant tributary of the Columbia River system is renowned for its crystal-clear waters, rich ecosystems, and diverse wildlife, including ospreys, herons, and kokanee salmon. The lake and its surroundings offer a picturesque setting for a variety of recreational activities, supported by its scenic shorelines and numerous provincial parks like Kokanee Glacier and Pilot Bay. Visitors and residents are drawn to its natural beauty, engaging in outdoor pursuits such as hiking, kayaking, and, in winter, snow sports, alongside leisurely activities like sunbathing on sandy beaches and soaking in the Ainsworth Hot Springs.

    Nelson, the "Queen City" nestled on Kootenay Lake's western arm, epitomizes the region's cultural richness and artistic flair, with its well-preserved heritage buildings, vibrant arts scene, and bustling Baker Street lined with cafes and boutiques. This charming town, along with the broader Kootenay Lake area, forms a captivating blend of natural splendor and cultural vibrancy, attracting those in search of both adventure and tranquility. The area's wineries, orchards, and farmers' markets complement the serene yet lively lifestyle, offering a taste of local culinary delights against a backdrop of stunning natural landscapes.


    • Golfing at Kokanee Springs Golf Resort, one of Canada's finest championship 18-hole courses.
    • Hiking on trails like the Pilot Bay Provincial Park Lighthouse Trail, offering scenic views and a chance to visit an historic lighthouse.
    • Kayaking and canoeing on Kootenay Lake, exploring its vast, serene waters.
    • Mountain biking on the area's numerous trails, catering to all skill levels.
    • Beach activities at Crawford Bay Beach and Pilot Bay Provincial Park, perfect for swimming, sunbathing, and picnics.
    • Fishing in Kootenay Lake for species like kokanee salmon and rainbow trout.
    • Boating and sailing on Kootenay Lake, with public access points for launching.
    • Arts and crafts shopping in the artisan shops of Crawford Bay, known for handcrafted items from local artisans including blacksmiths, weavers, and potters.
    • Bird watching in the area's wetlands and forests, home to diverse bird species.
    • Camping at one of the many campgrounds in the area, offering rustic to full-service sites.
    • Exploring Ainsworth Hot Springs, just a short drive away, known for its unique hot springs and caves.
    • Skiing and snowboarding in winter at nearby resorts like Whitewater Ski Resort.
    • Snowshoeing and cross-country skiing on local trails, offering peaceful winter landscapes.
    • Culinary experiences at local eateries and markets, sampling regional produce and dishes.
    • Cultural and historical sites including exploring the unique heritage of the area through local museums and historic sites.

    Map Reference

    49°41'49.04"N and 116°47'50.49"W


    Hydro to lot line.


    Lot 1: SOLD
    Lot 2: None
    Lot 3: Old hunting cabin (no economic value)

    Tax Details

    Lot 1: SOLD
    Lot 2: $879.84 (2023)
    Lot 3: $997.48 (2023)


    No zoning.


    PID 031-778-909

    PID 031-778-917

    PID 031-778-925

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