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    Prime 162-Acre Farmland in Abbotsford’s Glen Valley

    Metro Vancouver & the Fraser Valley Listing No. 24116

    Court Order Sale. This prime farmland features 70 acres of Duke blueberries with drip irrigation, rich peat soil, and ample water for diverse high-yield crops. Includes a large shop, outbuildings, and easy access to Highway 1. Ideal agricultural investment in a desirable location.

    Foreign Buyer Ban does not apply to this property


    161.67 acres

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    Court Order Sale. An opportunity to own 162 acres of fertile and productive farmland in the Glen Valley area of Abbotsford. This prime agricultural property features approximately 70 acres currently dedicated to Duke blueberries, equipped with drip irrigation and setup for efficient machine picking. The remaining acreage, previously used for cranberry production, offers rich peat soil conditions ideal for a variety of high-yield crops. With ample water resources and versatile soil, this land is perfect for diverse agricultural ventures. The property includes a large shop and various outbuildings, providing an ideal staging area for shipping produce to market, with convenient access to Highway 1 ensuring easy transportation and logistics. An excellent agricultural opportunity in a highly desirable location.


    8201 Dyke Rd - Abbotsford, BC


    From Highway 1, take the 264th Street exit North. Turn right on 56th Ave and left onto 272nd Street. Travel on 272nd until you reach Marsh McCormick Road, turn right onto Marsh McCormick Road. Turn left onto Dyke Road. The property will be on the left.

    Area Data

    Abbotsford is a city in British Columbia next to the Canada-United States border, Greater Vancouver and the Fraser River. With a census population of 153,569 people, it is the largest municipality in the province outside metropolitan Vancouver. The economy of Abbotsford is driven by agriculture, transportation, manufacturing, and retail sectors. The city is known for its agricultural productivity and is often referred to as the "City in the Country" due to its mix of urban and rural areas.


    Abbotsford is renowned for its agricultural productivity. The fertile soils and favorable climate support a variety of crops:

    • Berry crops: blueberries, raspberries, and strawberries are major crops in the region.
    • Dairy farming: the area is known for its dairy farms, which contribute significantly to the local economy.
    • Vegetable farming: corn, potatoes, and various other vegetables are grown extensively.
    Ornamental and Garden Plants

    The temperate climate of Abbotsford allows for a wide range of ornamental plants in gardens and parks:

    • Flowering plants: rhododendrons, azaleas, and roses are popular among local gardeners.
    • Trees and shrubs: Japanese maples, lilacs, and hydrangeas are commonly planted in residential areas for their aesthetic appeal.


    Abbotsford offers a wide range of recreational activities, catering to various interests from outdoor adventures, (parks, trails and golfing) to cultural and community events (various festivals, museums and historical sites).


    European exploration and settlement began in the mid-19th century, driven largely by the Fraser River Gold Rush of 1858. The Royal Engineers surveyed the area, leading to the creation of early transportation routes, such as the Old Yale Road, which connected the Fraser Valley to the interior of British Columbia.

    The name "Abbotsford" is believed to have been chosen by John Cunningham Maclure, who applied for a Crown grant of 160 acres in the area in 1889. The name's origin is disputed; some sources suggest it was named after Henry Braithwaite Abbott, a friend of Maclure and a Canadian Pacific Railway superintendent, while others believe it was named after Sir Walter Scott's home, Abbotsford House.

    The early economy was primarily based on agriculture, with dairy farming, tobacco production, and later berry farming becoming significant industries. The completion of the Canadian Pacific Railway and other transportation infrastructure facilitated further growth. Abbotsford's strategic location near the U.S. border and major trade routes helped establish it as a key agricultural and commercial hub. Fertile soil and mild climate made the region ideal for farming.

    Map Reference

    49° 9'3.41"N and 122°26'25.27"W

    Investment Features

    Agricultural berry production.


    • Hydro
    • Water


    • Agricultural commercial farm buildings
    • Crop irrigation system

    Tax Details

    2024 Assessed Value - $856,007
    2024 Property Tax - $14,488.91




    Lot 1, Section 28, Township 14, Plan LMP38638, New Westminster District
    PID 024-200-981

    Maps & Plans

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    Maps & Plans

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