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    Gray creek homestead 01 57 photos

    The Ultimate Backcountry Homestead - Gray Creek, BC

    Kootenays Listing No. 23203

    This property has a mature forest perched above the East Shore of Kootenay Lake. 2 cabins each with solar setup, cell service, wood heat and a wood/gear shed. Fenced Garden, chicken coop, well with lots of water, seasonal creek and a wood fired hot tub and bread oven! No zoning.


    10 acres

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    Two cute and cozy cabins on 10 scenic acres; this one checks all the boxes for an off-grid homestead or recreational retreat.

    Over the past few years, Crown Creek, a remote little community perched up above Kootenay Lake has really come to life with like minded people setting up off-grid cabin retreats and camps. Although the majority owners use their property at Crown Creek for 3 seasons as there is no snow clearing (6 km to the highway from this property) a few people including this owner have homesteaded year-round.

    As you enter this well setup 10-acre property and come to the driveway you drive by a well-established and fenced veggie garden and shortly after onto a rustic hand-built log cabin with all wood for construction taken from the property. Out front of this log cabin is an old fashion shallow well cased with rock and mortar with an abundance of water. Drop a bucket down and retrieve some cool, naturally filtered water. Off to the side of the cabin is a woodshed, your primary heating source for the cabin. A short trail leads you down to the veggie garden through a beautiful forest. Inside this 250 ft2 cabin is a freestanding wood stove in the front room (10 x 10 ft) where there is some custom-built wood shelving and a sink area with a glass jug above full of drinking water. Water can either come from the well or there is a gravity fed brought in via hose. The back bedroom area is 11 x 14 ft and looks out through the forest, it’s also equipped with a stand-up shower and composting toilet. This cabin has rented out to short/mid-term stays of 1 month for $1,000. One could set up weekly rentals and the feedback was very positive with those seeking to get away from it all and test out the off-grid homestead lifestyle. The cabin is solidly built and sits on wood pilings with a metal roof above. There is solar panels and battery providing power for your basic needs.

    Uphill from the property and a short walk is a hand made wood fired rock hot tub setup against the mountain side. This hot tub is covered by a timber framed metal roof. The water comes from a rain collection system off the roof and hold approx. 2,250 litres of water. Fill up the wood box in the AM, check and add wood periodically and have an amazing evening hot bath in an amazing outdoor setting. This hot tub can also double as a cistern for water when not in hot tub use, it is also above the garden giving good pressure for watering the garden. A trail from the hot tub extends up the hill side to the second cabin. The driveway also extends up through mature forest to second cabin site.

    At the second cabin, there are views out to Kootenay Lake and excellent sun exposure for its solar system. Here you will find a 1 room, 260 ft2 cabin with free standing wood stove. Inside the cabin is a king size bed, stand up shower, kitchen area with sink and glass jug for drinking water, nice shelving, and a little office area with views out towards the lake. Conveniently, there is excellent cell reception/Internet here. The shower setup is quite slick, there is a rechargeable battery power pump that can be dropped into a bucket drawing water up to the shower head. Off to the side of the shower is a woodstove where one can heat up some water for the bucket for a hot shower. Water at this cabin comes form a rain collection system. The owner has a 1,000 cistern he fills above the cabin for gravity fed water down to the cabin site. Out in front of the cabin is small covered deck with outhouse off to the side, and beyond a fire pit/cook area that also has a hand made rock bread oven/smoker. Yes, you read it right, an outdoor bread oven! This cabin site also has a good-sized wood-shed with lean-to to park a sled/ATV as well as a secure chicken coop and run for fresh eggs.

    The current owner lives here year-round. For trips to town in winter as the rods are not plowed, he takes the snowmobile down the hill where those that do homestead year-round keep a vehicle. Other owners have taken their kids to school year-round or hunkered down and enjoyed the solitude of winter with infrequent trips to town. There is a great community vibe of like-minded people.

    This is a must see! No zoning allows flexibility in use and building, with the property backing into Crown land on the east side for extra privacy and freedom of exploration. The owner has rented out the lower cabin quite easily when desired for good income. One could set up a back country short term rental, add a couple cabins or put in some RV/tent sites.

    Property is being sold as a package and move-in ready and for the right offer, the snowmobile and quad can be included. You will not be disappointed.


    Crown Creek Forest Service Road (FSR), also known as Gray Creek FSR. Located on the East Shore of Kootenay Lake near Gray Creek above Highway 3A.

    Notable Travel Times
    • Crawford Bay: 15-20 minutes away (Ferry Terminal)
    • Creston: 1 hour away
    • Nelson: 1.5 hours including ferry across lake
    • Cranbrook: 2 hours away


    Access road is 7.75 km south of the Gray Creek General Store or 15 km N of Destiny Bay Grocers off of Highway 3A. Access road is a not maintained. From pavement the property is 6 km on a gravel road. At 1.7 km stay left, at 4 km stay right, at 4.45 km stay left, carry on until 6 km. Driveway is on the right side and winds up past first cabin to second cabin.

    Area Data

    East Shore

    The local area is known as the East Shore, an area that lies between the lofty mountains and expansive waters of southern Kootenay Lake and away from the major tourist routes. Protected by the Selkirk and Purcell Mountain ranges in south eastern British Columbia, it is sparsely populated and has remained relatively unspoiled. The area supports a rich biological diversity, including mountain slopes heavily forested with a mix of pine, Douglas fir, hemlock and cedar and a broad range of flora and fauna. The nearest community on the East Shore is Gray Creek, which is essentially a few rural and lakeside residences and a General Store, a little further north on Highway 3A is the ferry landing and the community of Crawford Bay comprised of approximately 350 people, a well-known artisan’s town with a fantastic golf course—Kokanee Springs Golf Resort, and artisan shops.

    Kootenay Lake

    Kootenay Lake is the gem of the Kootenays and central to what makes this area special. This large body of clean, fresh water defines the valley, moderates the climate in summer and winter, and provides endless opportunities for recreation as well as being simply beautiful, set against the backdrop of the spectacular surrounding mountain peaks. Located 530 metres (1,736 ft) above sea level in the Kootenay Lake Valley. The valley is bound by the Selkirk Mountain range to the west and the Purcell Mountain range to the east. Kootenay Lake is 145 km long and up to 152 metres (500 ft) deep, with an average width of 4 km (2.5 miles) and is 8 km (5 miles) across at its widest. Fed by numerous creeks, Kootenay Lake’s major source of water is the Kootenay River, which originates in the Rocky Mountains and passes through Montana and Idaho before emptying into the lake, and is the second largest tributary of the Columbia River. The water here is pure enough to drink straight from the lake. Kootenay Lake remains ice-free in winter.


    The East Shore of Kootenay Lake, nestled within the picturesque West Kootenays, beckons with its abundance of year-round recreational delights. With Kootenay Lake as its centerpiece, it not only graces the region with its scenic beauty but also moderates the climate, creating the ideal backdrop for a myriad of outdoor adventures.

    Here's a glimpse of the options waiting to be explored and really there is little need to leave the land or venture far with excellent backcountry access:

    Trophy fishing on Kootenay Lake, home of the Colossal Rainbows (Gerrards) that weigh in at 5 times the size of normal Kamloops trout.

    Kootenay Lake’s rocky shores encompass hundreds of tiny bays and beaches, intriguing to explore by kayak, canoe, or power boat. It is not uncommon to find yourself the only boater visible across the lake’s expanse! Possibility to keep boat at marina not far away.

    Golf at the renowned Kokanee Springs golf course approx. 10-15 minutes away, or Creston has another fantastic course.

    Hunting through extensive areas of Crown land—great access nearby.

    Quading, sledding or mountain biking on the property and the connecting FSR roads. Ideal size property for a private track with some nice ups and downs to enjoy.

    Hiking in the area with numerous parks, nature reserves, and backcountry trails, and more locally there is a nice creek size walk around the land and through the mixed forest and open meadow.


    Please see mapping section, all boundaries are approximate.

    Map Reference

    49°35'50.47"N and 116°46'56.62"W


    Green Cabin
    • Solar panel and two batteries
    • Portable generator
    • Hot plate, powered by generator
    • Free standing wood stove with cooking plate
    • Cell service and high-speed internet available
    • Insulated walls and ceiling, estimated at R28
    • Indoor shower with handy little battery powered pump that can be placed in a bucket of water; the shower is located next to the wood stove where one could heat up some water and pour in a bucket and the pump could provide a hot shower
    • Sink with glass water jug for drinking water taken from a seasonal creek/rain collection system
    • 1,000-liter cistern
    • Rain collection barrels
    • Grey water runs out a pipe and away from cabin
    Wood/Log Cabin
    • Solar panel with one battery
    • Free standing wood stove with cooking plate
    • Sink with glass jug for drinking water taken from a seasonal creek/rain collection
    • Indoor shower with handy little battery powered pump that can be placed in a bucket of water; the shower is located next to the wood stove where one could heat up some water and pour in a bucket and the pump could provide a hot shower
    • Shallow well cased with rock and mortar outside cabin, lots of water
    • Insulated walls and ceiling, estimated at R28
    • This cabin is down slope from the hot tub that also doubles as a cistern when not in use as it has a rain collection set up from its roof and a capacity of approx. 2,250 liters
    • Lots of hose to run water around the land
    • Grey water runs out a pipe and away from cabin
    • Cell service and high-speed Internet available


    Green Cabin
    • 16.5 x 16.5 feet (approx. 260 ft2)
    • Exterior outhouse on small covered deck
    • Woodshed with lean-to to park your sled/ATV
    • Chicken coop
    • Rock bread oven/smoker
    • 1,000 litre water cistern
    Wood/Log Cabin
    • Approx 250 ft2 with two rooms, one 10 x 10 ft and one 11 x 14 ft
    • Wood shed
    • Shallow rock well
    • Exterior outhouse in the mud room
    • Fenced veggie garden
    Hot Tub Structure
    • Hand made rock hot tub with wood heater
    • Capacity is approx. 2,250 liters, also conveniently doubles as cistern
    • Adjacent to this structure is a small quarry with rocks piled and ready for your ideas

    Tax Details

    $448 (2023)


    No zoning.


    Lot 2, Plan NEP957, District Lot 4595, Kootenay Land District
    PID 014-090-791

    Maps & Plans

    Map01 +8 maps

    Maps & Plans

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