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    Oceanfront Cabin & Dock on Boulder Point - Cortes Island

    Sunshine Coast & Howe Sound Listing No. 23196

    6.92 acres with 756 ft2 cabin and 40 ft dock providing deep water moorage. 3 minutes by boat from Squirrel Cove government wharf & general store on Cortes Island. Easily accessible and located right in world renowned yachting destination Desolation Sound.

    Reduced $649,000

    6.92 acres ~ 230± ft oceanfront

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    Situated on 6.92-acre parcel of land, this property boasts a cozy 756 ft2 cabin and a secure deep-water dock for private moorage. Located a mere 3-minute boat ride from the Squirrel Cove government dock and general store on Cortes Island, this retreat offers convenient access. Nestled within the renowned yachting destination of Desolation Sound, it is surrounded by outdoor recreation.

    The cabin itself provides all the comforts of home, featuring a woodstove, propane wall heater, on-demand hot water system, propane fridge and stove, a solar setup with a backup generator, washer and dryer facilities, and a charming clawfoot bathtub. Sleeping arrangements include a loft area with two beds and an additional bed on the main level. Water is provided by a drilled well and there is a septic system in place. The cabin is built for its location having a metal roof and cedar siding, complemented by a welcoming front and side deck. The property is enveloped by pristine forest and grants easy access to a tranquil low-bank beach.

    Positioned along the west side of Boulder Point on Cortes Island, the property faces Squirrel Cove and offers 40-foot dock and ramp, designed to accommodate sizable vessels. There is a private usage agreement for a few neighbours to use this dock during certain times of the year.

    Nature enthusiasts will appreciate the extensive trail network spanning over 100 acres at Boulder Point. These paths and roads wind through lush coastal forests, graced by majestic cedar and fir trees. The trail network allows you to stretch your legs and visit neighbours on Boulder Point.

    Please note that access to this property is exclusively via floatplane or boat. The Squirrel Cove Government dock is just a quick 2-minute boat ride from the lot, providing a range of conveniences, including a general store with hardware, fuel. Boulder Point, located on the eastern side of Cortes Island within the highly sought-after Desolation Sound area, offers exceptional access to the sheltered waters of Squirrel Cove, making it an ideal haven for kayaking enthusiasts and outdoor lovers alike.

    Contact Jamie or Jason for more information or to schedule a viewing.


    Cortes Island is located on the northern end of the Strait of Georgia, between Campbell River on central Vancouver Island and the mainland coast of British Columbia and is accessed via ferry from Heriot Bay on the east coast of Quadra Island. Campbell River is the departure point for ferry access to Quadra and Cortes Islands. A 10-minute ferry ride from Campbell River lands you at Quathiaski Cove on the west coast of Quadra Island. A 15-minute drive across to the east coast of Quadra Island brings you to Heriot Bay ferry terminal for the 45-minute ferry trip across Sutil Channel to Cortes Island.

    Water taxis also operate out of Campbell River and Lund to Cortes Island and those with their own boats can launch at Lund on the Sunshine Coast. Boat charters are also available from Quadra Island via Sutil Charters and Lund via Terracentric Coastal Adventures.

    You can also access Cortes Island by seaplane.


    Contact Listing Agent.

    Area Data

    Discovery Islands

    The Discovery Islands archipelago is located along the Inside Passage, between Campbell River on Vancouver Island and the mainland of British Columbia. The main islands are Quadra Island, Cortes Island and the Outer Islands. Quadra and Cortes are the best known of the Discovery Islands and home for most of the local residents. The Outer Islands include East and West Thurlow Islands, Sonora Island, Stuart Island, Maurelle Island, Read Island, Raza Island and East and West Redonda Islands. Visitors from around the world are attracted to the Discovery Islands for their scenic beauty and recreational opportunities.

    Cortes Island

    Nestled at the entrance to enchanting Desolation Sound, tranquil and friendly Cortes Island is one of the most impressive of the Discovery Islands, with its placid lakes, beaches, and rugged gorges. There are three settlements on Cortes Island, Whaletown at the ferry dock, Manson's Landing with its sandy beaches, and Squirrel Cove, an anchorage facing Desolation Sound. The moment you step onto a ferry heading for the islands, the pace relaxes, and the smiles break out.

    Cortes Island is 25 km (15.5 mi) long, 13 km (8.1 mi) wide and 130 km2 (50 mi2) in area and has a population of 1,035 permanent residents (2016 census). Cortes Island lies within Electoral Area B of the Strathcona Regional District, which provides water and sewerage systems, fire protection, land use planning, parks, recreation and emergency response.

    Native to this part of British Columbia is the Klahoose First Nation, a northern Coast Salish tribe who maintained seasonal and permanent villages from Toba Inlet south to Cortes Island. When the main villages in Toba Inlet were flooded in the 1800s, the Klahoose Band selected their traditional winter settlement at Squirrel Cove as their permanent site.

    Cortes Island (pronounced Cortez) and nearby Hernando Island were named after the Spanish conqueror of Mexico, Hernando Cortes. This unlikely link was established by the Spanish cartographer, Valdez, who charted these waters in 1793. The Spanish never settled the area, but Cortes and other Spanish names remained.

    Cortes Island is a community rich in arts and culture. Crafts stores and galleries offer drawings, paintings and sculptures by local artists. The Cortes Island Museum, on Beasley Road next to the firehall, provides a fascinating glimpse into the cultural and natural history of Whaletown and the surrounding area. Varied displays include Windows on Whaletown and the work of naturalist and author Gilean Douglas. The museum is open from late spring until early fall.

    Several streams on Cortes Island are the spawning grounds of chum salmon. They can be viewed in the Gorge Channel and Squirrel Cove in November as they journey to the rivers of their birth to spawn and complete the circle of life.

    Thousands of smelt come to spawn on the southwestern tip of the Island in Smelt Bay Provincial Park. Smelts are a green-and-silver, sardine-sized fish that frequent these waters in huge numbers and attract salmon. Not difficult to net, they make a tasty meal.

    There are numerous lagoons with abundant shellfish and shorebirds. Manson's landing Provincial Park is the most accessible, and shellfish may be legally collected here and at Smelt Bay, Squirrel Cove and the beach south of the government wharf in Gorge Harbour. Watch for posted signs, check the legal limits and keep away from oyster and clam leases, which are marked with red concrete blocks at their corners.

    Cortes Island is a dream destination for berry picking. Blackberries, salal berries, huckleberries, salmonberries and thimbleberries abound on the island when in season.

    There is a well-equipped marina in Gorge Harbour, and government wharves are maintained at Cortes Bay, Whaletown, Squirrel Cove, Manson's Landing and Gorge Harbour. Two yacht clubs supply member moorage at Cortes Bay. Quadra, Cortes and Redonda Islands provide a gateway to that sailing enchantment known as Desolation Sound.


    Salmon Fishing

    This region is legendary for salmon fishing. The waters around Quadra and Cortes Islands have yielded some of the largest salmon ever caught on BC's west coast. Although much of the activity is centred in nearby Campbell River on Vancouver Island, there's plenty of action around Quadra and Cortes Islands. Spring salmon migrate from April through to September. Bluejacks and coho salmon arrive in May, followed by Tyee in July, August and September. Charter boat operators are available for fishing or wildlife viewing excursions.

    Freshwater Fishing

    If the fish are not biting in the saltchuk ('chuk' is a Native word for water), just turn your attention to the fish in Hague Lake. This freshwater lake is partly incorporated in Manson's Landing Provincial Park, a rarity in the Marine Provincial Park system.

    Hiking and Biking

    Hiking and biking on old logging roads, many of which are overgrown, will take the adventuresome into seldom visited habitats. Carrington Bay and Von Donop Inlet provide a maze of trails. Gunflint Lake and Hague Lake are surrounded mostly by parklands, with a series of marked trails at the end of Quais Bay Road and across the road from the Cortes Motel. When hiking on Cortes, please remember that most small roads lead to private residences, so take care when choosing your path.

    Smelt Bay Provincial Park

    This park, located on the southwestern corner of the island, provides a heavenly setting on this picturesque island, and your reward for going to the effort to reach Cortes Island is a great provincial park campground. Follow the island road 13 miles (21 km) from the ferry dock to the park, located near Manson's Landing Provincial Park. For a great beach walk, head south to the tip of Sutil Point from Smelt Bay Park. Identify gulls, eagles, cormorants, herons and oystercatchers while you pick up treasured shells and driftwood along the shore. The multitude of sea life provides fine dining for humans . . . and seals, sea lions, seabirds and otters too.

    Manson's Landing Provincial Park

    This park has blessed Cortes Island with a sublime picnic and fishing location. A wide, sandy beach beckons to those who just wish to spread a blanket beside the driftwood backrest and dig into the cooler. Manson's Landing is a great place for paddling, swimming and sunbathing. Bring your own canoe or kayak or rent one on the Island.

    Háthayim Marine Provincial Park (aka Von Donop Park)

    With its long, narrow sheltered inlet, Háthayim Marine Provincial Park is a popular anchorage for recreational boaters. Located on the northwestern tip of Cortes Island, the inlet can be entered from northern Sutil Channel.

    This undeveloped marine wilderness park is 1,277 hectares in size and encompasses lakes, estuaries, a saltwater lagoon and the old-growth forest Coast-Salish First Nations call "Háthayim." Wilderness camping is permitted, and the area is popular with cruising boats seeking remote tranquility in this beautiful area. The park features several secure anchorages providing protection from the elements. Von Donop Inlet is located at the southern terminus of the scenic Inside Passage. This mostly sheltered route has been popular with boaters for thousands of years.

    Today, yachts and kayaks have replaced hand trollers and dugout canoes as the methods of travel through the western route of Discovery Channel, where Ripple Rock made passage sometimes treacherous, or through the eastern approach through Yuculta Rapids.

    Desolation Sound

    Desolation Sound, British Columbia's most celebrated marine destination, borders on Cothe Sound. Desolation Sound Marine Park possesses a magical magnetism that draws boaters and paddlers from distant shores. Most boaters congregate in popular anchorages at Prideaux Haven, Tenedos Bay and Grace Harbour, but with a little more imagination you will find plenty of isolated bays and campsites throughout Desolation Sound's more than 37 miles (60 km) of coastline.

    One of the prime attractions of these waters is their warmth in summer months, which makes them ideal for swimming and snorkeling. Boaters and paddlers will discover an environment nearer in spirit to the protected waters of the southern Strait of Georgia. What Desolation Sound provides that the southern Gulf Islands do not is an astonishing breeding ground for shellfish, principally oysters. Whoever penned the time-honored expression "when the tide is out, the table is spread" must have been inspired by these nutrient-rich waters.


    Please see mapping section, all boundaries are approximate.

    Map Reference

    50° 7'56.29"N and 124°54'38.10"W


    Private Residential Moorage Permission, Crown Lands File #1403236

    Tax Details

    $1,411.96 (Land 2023)
    $87.86 (Dock 2023)


    RU-1 Rural One (Property)
    AQ-1 Aquaculture One (Moorage)

    Strathcona Regional District, Cortes Island Zoning Bylaw, 2002 (#2455)(Electoral Area 'B').

    Additional zoning information can be found on the Strathcona Regional District website.


    Lot I District Lot 827 Cortes Island Sayward District Plan VIP82802 (See Plan as to Limited Access)
    PID 027-019-748

    Maps & Plans

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    Maps & Plans

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