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    The Jumping Pound Ranch Homesite - 240 Acres, Two Residence and Ranch Infrastructure - Cochrane, AB

    Out of Province Listing No. 23220

    This offering encompasses the main farmyard of the Jumping Pound Ranch. 1.6 miles of frontage on Jumping Pound Creek, fencing, ranching infrastructure & two residences. All of this set against the dramatic backdrop of the Rocky Mountains. Minutes away from Calgary & Cochrane Alberta.


    240 acres ~ 2 titles

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    Welcome to a magnificent 240-acre ranch nestled in the breathtaking foothills of Alberta, on the western periphery of the city of Calgary. This expansive property boasts 240 acres of contiguous land holdings on 2 separate titles, with an impressive 1.6 miles of frontage along the scenic Jumping Pound Creek. Situated against the stunning backdrop of the Rocky Mountains, this ranch offers a unique blend of natural beauty, ranching infrastructure, and modern amenities.

    Ranching infrastructure includes a barn with 1,800 ft2 and a fenced barnyard, a pumphouse covering 250 ft2, a grain shed of 300 square feet, a workshop measuring 2,000 ft2, a 5-bay garage spanning 4,300 ft2, a grain silo, and a charming chicken coop with 200 ft2. An electric waterer in the barnyard adds to the practicality of the ranch.

    This property also features two well-appointed homes. The main home, spanning 3,000 ft2 (not including the basement), offers three bedrooms upstairs, two bedrooms on the main floor, and two additional bedrooms in the basement. The main home includes three bathrooms, with two full baths on the main floor and a three-piece bathroom in the basement. The ranch hand home, a cozy 1,200 ft2, includes two bedrooms upstairs, one on the main floor, and two bathrooms—a full bath on the main floor and a three-piece bathroom upstairs.

    A unique feature of this ranch is the cabin, previously used as a bridal suite for hosting wedding events above Jumping Pound Creek. The property showcases a stunning Rocky Mountain backdrop, offering an idyllic setting for both everyday ranching life and special occasions.

    Adjacent 160-acre parcel with 111 acres in hay production also for sale.


    This property is located to the southwest of Cochrane, Alberta north of Highway 1 and west of Highway 22.

    Notable Drive Times
    • Banff: 56 minutes
    • Canmore: 41 minutes
    • Calgary: 35 minutes to downtown core
    • Cochrane: 16 minutes to downtown core
    • Calgary Airport: 41 minutes
    • Springbank Airport: 15 minutes


    From the Highway 22 stretch between Cochrane and Highway 1, turn to head west on Township Road 252. Continue on this road for approximately 4.3 miles until it intersects with Range Road 50. Head south on Range Road 50 and the ranch’s entrance will be on the right-hand side.

    Area Data

    Calgary, located in the province of Alberta, is a vibrant and cosmopolitan city nestled at the foothills of the Canadian Rockies. Known for its stunning natural surroundings, Calgary is a dynamic urban center that seamlessly blends modernity with a strong Western heritage. The city is situated at the confluence of the Bow River and Elbow River, offering residents and visitors picturesque landscapes and outdoor recreational opportunities.

    Calgary is perhaps most famous for hosting the annual Calgary Stampede, a world-renowned rodeo and exhibition that celebrates the city's cowboy culture and attracts visitors from around the globe. Beyond its cowboy roots, Calgary is a thriving business hub, particularly in the energy sector, and is home to a diverse and growing population.

    The cityscape is marked by modern skyscrapers, including the iconic Calgary Tower, which provides panoramic views of the surrounding mountains and downtown skyline. Residents enjoy a high quality of life, with access to cultural events, museums, and a range of outdoor activities, such as hiking, skiing, and biking. Calgary's economy, driven by industries like oil and gas, technology, and finance, contributes to its reputation as a prosperous and forward-thinking city.

    Cochrane is a charming town located in Alberta, situated just northwest of Calgary. Nestled against the backdrop of the Canadian Rockies, Cochrane offers residents and visitors a picturesque setting with stunning mountain views. The town is known for its small-town charm, friendly community atmosphere, and a blend of modern amenities with a touch of western heritage.

    Cochrane's historic downtown area is characterized by its quaint shops, cafes, and boutiques, contributing to a welcoming and relaxed ambiance. The town is also home to notable landmarks, such as the Historic Cochrane Ranch Site, which preserves the heritage of the region.

    The Bow River flows near Cochrane, providing opportunities for outdoor activities such as fishing, hiking, and scenic walks along the riverbanks. Residents enjoy a close-knit community feel while still having convenient access to the amenities and services of nearby Calgary.

    With its scenic beauty, outdoor recreational options, and a commitment to preserving its Western heritage, Cochrane is a desirable place to live for those seeking a balance between a peaceful lifestyle and proximity to the vibrant urban offerings of the region.


    The recreational opportunities are endless on the ranch and across the wider region in general. Below is a non-exhaustive list.

    • Fishing on the ranch for brook and rainbow trout in Jumping Pound Creek
    • Hunting on the ranch for whitetail, mule deer and elk
    • Equestrian pursuits
    • Access to Calgary and Cochrane’s many amenities including restaurants, pro sporting events, and nightlife
    • Easy access to Banff and numerous skiing/alpine opportunities


    Ranching in Alberta's foothills has a storied history that dates back to the late 19th century when the region experienced a surge in settlement and agricultural development. The foothills of the Canadian Rockies provided an ideal landscape for ranching, with its vast grasslands, suitable for grazing, and proximity to water sources like rivers and creeks.

    In the late 1800s, as the Canadian Pacific Railway extended westward, it facilitated the movement of settlers and their livestock into the foothills of Alberta. Early ranchers in the region faced numerous challenges, including harsh weather conditions, isolation, and the need to establish infrastructure to support their operations. However, the allure of open range, fertile grasslands, and the potential for economic prosperity drove many to establish ranches in the foothills.

    The ranching industry in Alberta's foothills flourished, becoming a vital component of the province's economy. Cattle ranches became synonymous with the western way of life, and the cowboy culture took root in the foothills, with cattle drives, roundups, and rodeos becoming integral parts of the ranching tradition.

    The early to mid-20th century saw the expansion and consolidation of ranching operations in the region. Improved transportation and communication networks made it easier for ranchers to access markets, contributing to the growth of the cattle industry. Despite economic challenges, such as market fluctuations and droughts, many ranching families persisted, passing down their traditions from generation to generation.

    Today, ranching in Alberta's foothills continues to be a significant part of the province's agricultural landscape. While modern technology and agricultural practices have brought changes to the industry, the cowboy culture and the spirit of the Old West remain ingrained in the region's identity. The foothills of Alberta stand as a testament to the enduring legacy of ranching in Western Canada.

    Map Reference

    51° 7'16.98"N and 114°33'56.76"W

    Investment Features

    Property previously ran a wedding business, hosting weddings and various other events.


    • Multiple water wells
    • Multiple septic systems
    • Electricity
    • Natural gas



    Main Home

    • 3,000 ft2 (not including basement)
    • 3 bathrooms
      • Two full baths on main floor
      • One 3-piece bathroom in basement
    • Bedrooms
      • Upstairs - 3
      • Main floor - 2
      • Basement - 2

    Ranch Hand Home

    • 1,200 ft2
    • Bedrooms
      • Upstairs - 2
      • Main floor - 1
    • Bathrooms
      • One full bath on main floor
      • One 3-piece upstairs
    • Barn - 1,800 ft2 + fenced barnyard
    • Pumphouse - 250 ft2
    • Grain shed - 300 ft2
    • Back shop - 2,000 ft2
    • 5-bay garage - 4,300 ft2
    • Grain silo
    • Chicken coup - 200 ft2

    Tax Details

    Contact Listing REALTOR®.






    Maps & Plans

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    Maps & Plans

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