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    Little fort homestead 01 48 photos

    Creekfront Homestead with Timber and Micro-Hydro - Little Fort, BC

    Thompson Nicola Listing No. 24113

    Homestead has multiple layers of value, 2 titles totaling 153 acres, merchantable timber, subdivision potential, commercial & residential zoning, two homes, micro-hydro power generation with water licences. Surrounded by Crown land. Great climate for self sufficient living.


    152.7 acres ~ 2 titles

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    Located 6 km west on Highway 24 from the community of Little Fort is a rare gem of a property that has not been offered for sale since the 1970s. The homestead has multiple layers of value, with 2 titles totaling 153 acres, significant merchantable timber, subdivision potential, both commercial and residential zoning, micro-hydro power generation with water licences . . . all completely surrounded by Crown land.

    The two parcels total 153 acres and include 146 acres zoned RL-1 which allows for residential uses and subdivision into 9.88-acre parcels. The west side of Highway 24 includes a 6.5-acre area with C3 zoning which allows for campgrounds, service stations, traveller accommodation and more. The property is also located completely outside the ALR. Access to the property is excellent year-round and conveniently located close by Highway 24 and Highway 5, although when you’re at the property you feel as though you are truly in the middle of nature. This creek front homestead is completely surrounded by Crown land on all four sides. The area is excellent for hunting and there are almost endless logging roads and trails to explore by ATV, snowmobile or horseback.

    The property benefits from superb water licences with a water licence on Nehalliston Creek for power generation and Walmsley Creek for both Irrigation and Domestic Water. The property has a Pelton wheel setup that has provided power to the property for decades. The owners have not sold power back to the grid, but instead have used the creek to generate power for their own supplementary use and years of cost savings. Water licences of this kind are rare and in increasingly high demand throughout the province as it’s very difficult to get new micro-hydro power generation licences from the province.

    Improvements include the 2,117 square foot main house with 3 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms. Originally built in 1939, the owners have renovated over the years and made additions and upgrades to the original build. The home is dripping with country charm with the exposed rough-hewn logs of the original structure telling you the story of almost 100 years of pioneering lifestyle. Additional features include hardwood flooring, wood stove, claw foot tub and electric matt in-floor heating. The second home on the property is approximately 1,800 square feet on two levels. The upstairs is unfinished, but the lower floor is nicely finished with kitchen, dining room, living room, bedroom and flex area with bunk beds. The second home could be rented out nightly, weekly or monthly for additional income, or as a residence for an extended family. Outside you’ll find plenty of outbuildings for storage and a large garden with greenhouse.

    The property has a significant amount of merchantable timber remaining. The smaller parcel had some recent logging activity; however, the seller has had a recent timber cruise completed and there are significant quantities of both Douglas fir and cedar remaining on the property. Please contact the listing REALTOR® for a copy of the timber cruise.

    A fantastic climate for gardening or you can grow almost anything. Anyone interested in a true self sufficient or pioneering lifestyle, this one checks all the boxes plus having several other layers of additional value, with timber, subdivision potential, commercial zoning, power generation on the creek, water licences and being completely surrounded by Crown land.

    Call the listing REALTOR® today for more information or to book a time to go by for a look.


    4187 McNab Road - Little Fort, BC


    Please refer to the mapping section of this listing for the detailed location.

    Area Data

    Little Fort, is located in the interior of British Columbia, and is surrounded by a wilderness paradise boasting over 30 small mountain lakes interconnected by streams brimming with wild Kamloops rainbow trout. These lakes, many measuring less than 1.6 km (1 mi) in length with an average depth of 13.7 m (45 ft), offer pristine settings for fishing and outdoor recreation.

    Situated approximately 93 kilometres north of Kamloops, Little Fort serves as a vital junction for travelers, located at the crossroads of Highway 5 and Highway 24. This small community on the west bank of the North Thompson River provides a gateway to the stunning natural landscapes and recreational opportunities of the region.

    Little Fort, lies on the west bank of the North Thompson River, serving as a junction point for Highways 5 and 24. Despite its modest size, Little Fort boasts stunning natural surroundings, with picturesque views of the surrounding mountains and forests. The area is renowned for its outdoor recreational opportunities, including fishing, hiking, and wildlife viewing.

    The community provides a peaceful retreat for those looking to escape the hustle and bustle of city life. While it may not offer the amenities of larger urban centers, Little Fort exudes a sense of tranquility and simplicity that appeals to residents and visitors alike. Its proximity to outdoor attractions such as Wells Gray Provincial Park and the Clearwater River makes it an ideal destination for nature lovers and outdoor enthusiasts.

    Though small, Little Fort has a tight-knit community that values its rural lifestyle and natural beauty. Residents take pride in their surroundings and often come together for community events and gatherings. With its laid-back atmosphere and access to outdoor adventures, Little Fort offers a unique and authentic British Columbian experience.


    The vegetation in Little Fort is characterized by the diverse flora typical of the interior of British Columbia. Lush forests dominate the landscape, with stands of coniferous trees such as Douglas fir, spruce, and pine interspersed with deciduous species like trembling aspen and cottonwood. Along the banks of the North Thompson River and its tributaries, riparian vegetation thrives, including willow and alder. Wildflowers dot the meadows and forest floors, adding bursts of color during the spring and summer months. The surrounding mountainsides are home to a variety of plant species, adapting to the rugged terrain and providing habitat for wildlife such as deer, elk, and various bird species.


    In Little Fort, outdoor enthusiasts can immerse themselves in a variety of recreational activities amidst the stunning natural scenery. Fishing is a popular pastime, with opportunities to catch wild Kamloops rainbow trout in the numerous mountain lakes and streams that dot the area. Hiking and nature walks are also popular, with trails offering breathtaking views of the surrounding wilderness. Nearby, Wells Gray Provincial Park beckons adventurers with its network of trails, waterfalls, and wildlife viewing opportunities, including the iconic Helmcken Falls.

    In nearby Kamloops, a vibrant city in the heart of south-central British Columbia, outdoor recreation takes center stage. The city's designation as the Tournament Capital of Canada highlights its commitment to sports and athletics, with over 100 tournaments hosted annually at top-notch facilities like the Tournament Capital Centre and Kamloops Bike Ranch. Cycling enthusiasts can explore the extensive network of mountain biking trails, while hikers can venture into the nearby Lac du Bois Grasslands Protected Area for scenic walks and birdwatching. Kamloops Lake provides opportunities for boating, fishing, and swimming, while nearby Sun Peaks Resort offers world-class skiing and snowboarding in the winter months. Additionally, cultural attractions such as the Kamloops Museum and Archives provide insight into the region's history and heritage.


    Little Fort has a history closely tied to the development of transportation routes in the region. Originally inhabited by the Secwepemc First Nations people, the area became a crucial stopping point along the fur trade routes established by European traders in the 19th century. The name "Little Fort" is believed to have originated from the Hudson's Bay Company's fur trading post established in the area in the mid-1800s.

    Throughout the late 19th and early 20th centuries, Little Fort continued to serve as a key waypoint for travelers and settlers moving through the rugged interior of British Columbia. With the construction of the Canadian Pacific Railway in the late 19th century, the community experienced further growth and development as a transportation hub.

    Today, Little Fort remains a small but significant community, primarily serving as a junction point for Highways 5 and 24.


    Please see the mapping section, all boundaries are approximate.

    Map Reference

    51°28'7.35"N and 120°14'43.45"W


    • Power
    • Telephone
    • Internet
    • Septic
    • Gravity fed spring water
    • Micro hydro power from creek


    2,117 square foot main house with 3 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms. Originally built in 1939, the owners have renovated over the years and made additions and upgrades to the original build.

    The second home on the property is approximately 1,800 square feet on two levels. The upstairs is unfinished, but the lower floor is nicely finished with kitchen, dining room, living room, bedroom and flex area with bunk beds.

    Outside you’ll find a hot tub, plenty of outbuildings for storage and a large garden with greenhouse.

    Tax Details

    $4,020.61 (2023)


    C-3, RL-1

    4211 McNab Road - RL-1 zoning, PID 004-142-772


    PID 004-142-772

    PID 013-194-585

    Maps & Plans

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    Maps & Plans

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