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    Basecamp Desolation Sound - Strata Lot 20 Ocean View

    Sunshine Coast & Howe Sound Listing No. 23193

    7-acre ocean view lot located at the gateway to Desolation Sound, minutes to Lund on Sunshine Coast. Road accessible with power available. No building permit process required. Exclusive use to 30,000 sq.ft. beach club area.

    Foreign Buyer Ban does not apply to this property


    7 acres

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    We are excited to introduce to you the second release of Basecamp, a place where adventure begins within the surroundings of world class natural amenities. The location is stunning with dramatic mountains, islands, and inlets that make this property the definition of "West Coast" wilderness.

    Properties at Basecamp that are 7 acres in size or more have a unique feature which allows owners to build up to 5 dwelling units, subject to Ministry of Health approval.

    Basecamp logo

    Basecamp is situated at the gateway to world renowned boating destination, Desolation Sound just north of Lund. It has proximity to Savary, Hernando, Cortes Islands and Refuge Cove providing an array of adventures right at your doorstep.

    Basecamp is a rare collection of 28 lots over 150-acres of forested, waterfront property, ranging from 3.5 to 7 acres at the northernmost entrance to the Sunshine Coast Trail, just 30 minutes from Powell River.

    Ownership has applied for marina tenure with the government authorities. Should this application be approved, moorage will be offered to each parcel owner in order of their purchase date (first-in, first-option). Moorage will be offered on a variety of lease terms, at rates comparable to those found in Lund.

    Ownership is waiting for clarity on the marina tenure application to release the balance of parcels at Basecamp and plan to sell the remaining phases sometime in the near future. Simply put, the value of properties such as this is enhanced significantly with the addition of a marina.

    While each parcel has its own special characteristics, outlook, and topography, they all share access to 400 metres of pristine, private beachfront. A 30,000 sq. ft. area has been improved for the residents as a beach club, an incredible place to relax and tenjoy. Enjoy paddle boarding in the private bay or star gazing from a beach side bonfire. You can also explore world class hiking trails, dirt biking, mountain biking, and numerous activities from the property.

    This rare retreat is the ultimate place for you and your family to unplug and connect with nature. Peaceful solitude with Nancy’s Bakery, groceries, or the Boardwalk Restaurant just 10-15 minutes away. Discover Basecamp, a place to recharge and live life the way it was meant to be.

    Answers to FAQ can be found on the Basecamp website.

    Strata Lot 1 - SOLD
    Strata Lot 2 - SOLD
    Strata Lot 3 - SOLD
    Strata Lot 4 - SOLD
    Strata Lot 5 - SOLD
    Strata Lot 6 - SOLD
    Strata Lot 7 - SOLD
    Strata Lot 8 - SOLD
    Strata Lot 9 - SOLD
    Strata Lot 10 - COMING SOON
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    Strata Lot 12 - COMING SOON
    Strata Lot 13 - COMING SOON
    Strata Lot 14 - COMING SOON
    Strata Lot 15 - COMING SOON
    Strata Lot 16 - FOR SALE $529,000
    Strata Lot 17 - SOLD
    Strata Lot 18 - FOR SALE $589,000
    Strata Lot 19 - COMING SOON
    Strata Lot 20 - FOR SALE $499,000
    Strata Lot 21 - COMING SOON
    Strata Lot 22 - COMING SOON
    Strata Lot 23 - COMING SOON
    Strata Lot 24 - COMING SOON
    Strata Lot 25 - FOR SALE $429,000
    Strata Lot 26 - SOLD
    Strata Lot 27 - COMING SOON
    Strata Lot 28 - COMING SOON


    8 km north of Lund.


    Contact Listing Agent.

    Area Data

    Copeland Island Provincial Marine Park

    This property is situated near an area known locally as The Ragged Islands or Copeland Islands Group. The 437-hectare archipelago comprises of four islands and 14 islets that protect narrow Thulin Passage, the main passageway for boats and kayakers traveling between the Discovery Islands and Desolation Sound.

    Wilderness camping and fabulous kayaking attracts outdoor enthusiasts to this group of small, moss-covered rocky islands. Other leisure pursuits in the area include swimming, fishing, snorkeling, and scuba diving. The Copeland Islands and Savary Island lie offshore from Lund on the Malaspina Peninsula of the Sunshine Coast. You can see the white sandy beaches of Savary beckoning in the distance. The Copelands lie out of sight to the north, 2 km northwest of Lund and southwest of the property.

    Desolation Sound Provincial Marine Park

    Desolation Sound Provincial Marine Park (8,256 hectares) is British Columbia’s largest marine park. This includes more than 60 km of shoreline, several offshore islands and a gradually rising upland that contains a number of lakes, waterways and waterfalls. Unwin Lake, a 173-hectare body of fresh water, is the park's largest. Set back to the north and east, Coast Mountains soar to more than 2,400 metres. The warm waters surrounding the area teem with sea life. Ideal for swimming, scuba diving and feasting on your catch of the day, salmon, cod, prawns, crab, clams, and oysters. Plenty other tasty morsels lie beneath on the ocean's floor. To acquire them you must put on your scuba gear and get a little wet, or you could take a short drive by boat or car to the Laughing Oyster Restaurant at the head of Okeover Inlet, which is one, if not the best, place to eat in the overall area of Powell River.


    South of the property is the historic community of Lund, which was named after a city in Sweden. It was established in 1899 when the Thulin Brothers started to build the hotel, which is still in use today. Recently the hotel has changed ownership and has seen a major renovation. For most of the early years Lund served as a port for fishermen. Today Lund thrives on its attraction from tourists seeking the neighboring Gulf Islands and marine parks.


    Boating, endless sightseeing, fishing, scuba diving, hiking, and kayaking.


    Please see mapping section, all boundaries are approximate.

    Map Reference

    50° 2'46.88"N and 124°49'10.73"W

    Investment Features

    Build up to 5 dwellings subject to Ministry of Health Approval


    Power to Lot Line

    Tax Details

    To be determined.


    Rural Residential
    Qathet Regional District Electoral Area A Official Community Plan Bylaw No. 500-2015

    Additional zoning information can be found on the Qathet Regional District website.


    Strata Lot 20 District Lot 3781 Group 1 New Westminster District Strata Plan EPS9033 together with an interest in the Common Property in proportion to the unit entitlement of the Strata Lot as shown on Form V
    PID 032-033-028

    Maps & Plans

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    Maps & Plans

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