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    160-Acre Farming Parcel with Water Licensce and Cleared Hayfield Potential - 70 Mile House, BC

    Cariboo Chilcotin Listing No. 24102

    160-acres with 30 acres of cleared hay land potential, perimeter fencing & water licence. This acreage is the perfect location to start your own ranching venture or to add on to an existing operation. Surrounded by outdoor recreational opportunities, the adventures are endless.


    160 acres

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    Nestled on a sprawling 160-acre expanse lies a picturesque parcel of farmland, offering a harmonious blend of natural beauty and agricultural opportunity. Offering perimeter fencing, the land caters to the needs of livestock, allowing them ample grazing space to roam freely on the property. Encompassing 30 acres cleared offering hay production potential, ensuring a steady supply of feed for the farm's inhabitants.

    Thick forest covers the remainder of the property, predominantly adorned by towering poplar trees and interspersed with coniferous trees. The trees provide possible timber value. There is a favourable building site is offered with a pleasant south/west aspect overlooking the open meadow with a view of the Marble Mountains near Clinton on a clear day.

    A distinguishing feature of this idyllic haven is the meandering of Graham Creek, traversing the southwestern corner of the property. This natural watercourse serves as a source for irrigation with water licence in place.

    Accessible via a Ministry of Highways maintained road, this rural gem boasts convenience alongside its natural splendor.

    A notable aspect distinguishing this land is its location outside the confines of the Agricultural Land Reserve (ALR). This exemption bestows flexibility, paving the way for potential expansion or diversification of farming activities. Whether one chooses to cultivate crops, raise livestock, or explore alternative agricultural ventures, the canvas is open for innovation and growth.

    Beyond its agricultural potential, the property is surrounded by wilderness, offering boundless opportunities for outdoor enthusiasts. The vast expanses of untamed wilderness provide ample grounds for hunting excursions, while regional lakes nearby beckon with their promise of excellent fishing and recreational pursuits.


    7221 North Bonaparte Road - 70 Mile House, BC


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    Area Data

    The Interlakes, also known as the Interlakes District, is a geographic region of the Interior of British Columbia located along and around the Interlakes Highway between 100 Mile House on Highway 97 and Little Fort on the North Thompson River. The area is a subregion of the Cariboo and includes the communities of Bridge Lake and Lac des Roches.

    Provincial billboards promoting the area show it as being bounded by Canim Lake, Lac des Roches, Young Lake and Green Lake, with Highway 97 (the Cariboo Highway) and Canim Lake Road as its western and northwestern limits. The area contains over 1,600 households, most of which are spread along the Highway 24 corridor from Lone Butte to Bridge Lake. Another interpretation from the Cariboo Regional District includes Sheridan Lake and Deka Lake.


    This oasis falls within the Interlakes region and is a popular destination for fishermen and anglers looking to take advantage of the renowned trout fishing throughout the area. The expansive territory and relatively flat topography make for an ideal setting for lovers of the outdoors. The area is scattered with not only lakes, but countless trails for hiking, biking, horseback riding, ATVing and sledding. Summer and winter recreation activities include:

    Summer Recreation
    • Hiking
    • Swimming
    • Fishing
    • Camping
    • Canoeing/kayaking/paddle boarding
    • Wildlife viewing
    • Mountain biking
    • Horseback riding
    • ATVing
    • Hunting
    Winter Recreation
    • Cross-country skiing
    • Snowshoeing
    • Ice fishing
    • Wildlife viewing
    • Ice skating
    • Snowmobiling

    Map Reference

    51°24'0.16"N and 120°56'12.45"W

    Investment Features

    • 30 acres cleared and ready to be put in hay production
    • Perimeter fencing
    • Water license: 50-acre feet per annum





    Tax Details

    $59.95 (2024)




    PID 002-005-018

    Maps & Plans

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    Maps & Plans

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