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    Off-Grid Backcountry Acreage on Small Lake - 70 Mile House, BC

    Cariboo Chilcotin Listing No. 22139

    81 pristine acres on a small backcountry lake with no other private parcels of land nearby & 100% surrounded by Crown land. Mix of lake, meadows, a creek, ponds & approx. 35 acres of healthy forest. On property is a well set up sea can (insulated, wired, wood walls & flooring).


    81 acres

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    81 pristine acres on a small backcountry lake northeast of Clinton. There are no other private parcels of land nearby, this private setting is all yours! Ducks unlimited refers to the lake as Willow Lake which is approximately 30 acres in size, with about 14 acres of it on the land and the rest extending out onto the adjacent Crown land, but its all yours to enjoy.

    On the property is a sea can that has been set up as a great little secure bunk house. This Sea can has been insulated and has a hatch ready to put a wood stove in for winter use. It also has been wired with lights and the interior has had wood sheeting put over the insulation and wood flooring installed—it is quite cozy. There are two small windows for light and ventilation and then the end can open fully up with a large window looking out at the lake. Also inside are some wood cabinets to store supplies and 2 comfy mattresses for a good nights sleep.

    The land is mix of lake, open meadow, a few clusters of healthy forest (aspen, fir & pine) around the lake and 100% surrounded by Crown land with endless backcountry at your doorstep.

    The 81 acres is comprised of about 35 acres of treed land in a few clusters, 14 acres of lake, open meadow and a couple small ponds and creek make up the rest. On the other side of the lake are remnants of the original homestead.

    The waterfowl and wildlife here is amazing, but bird watching was the big draw for the current owners.

    Access is via FSR roads (the last section quite rugged & best via a truck).

    Video Tour on YouTube


    Property is located in the Cariboo, Northeast of Clinton and south of 70 Mile House.

    The property is not accessible year-round without the use of snowmobiles. cAs the crow flies it is 10 km south of the southern end of Green Lake.


    If you preload Google Earth, iHunter (paid app) or LandGlide (free app) on your cell, you will have maps to help follow along with property lines, but very detailed directions are below.

    A truck is preferred for showings as the road is fairly rugged for the last 10 km. One dip in the road around 12 or 13 km in requires some slow moving but I was able to easily pass through in a pick up truck.


    Drive north on Highway 97 from Clinton, there are two access points to Chasm Road, take the second one which is 6.8 km past the first one. Turn right/east here.

    • Put odometer to 0 as soon as you turn on Chasm Road
    • Go 0.9 km and turn left onto a gravel road called Clinton Loon Lake Forest Service Road
    • At 2.5 km you will cross a rail line
    • At 6.7 km on the left you will see a sign called Cariboo Wagon Road (this is the Old Cariboo Wagon route), take this road
    • At 8.2 km you will go right at the Y onto Jack Pine Road
    • At 10.6 km you will cross a cattle guard
    • At 11.5 km you will see a big tree with pink ribbons, turn left, you will shortly see a logging km sign 0
    • A 12.5 km keep left at Y
    • At 14.3 km keep right at Y
    • At 14.5 km you will see a logging km 3 sign, bear right at Y
    • As you go there will be pink center line ribbons
    • At 15.4 km you will see the km 4 sign
    • At 16.1 km bear right, you should see some caution tape/hot pink and lime green tape together on a tree on the right
    • At 16.8 km you will see a private property sign, the land starts here and is very near the NW corner
    • A bit further you will arrive at the sea can and lake

    Area Data

    This scenic property is in the South Cariboo Region, north of Chasm Provincial Park and to the west of Boneparte Provincial Park on the Thompson Plateau. The two nearest communities are 70 Mile House/Green Lake to the north and Clinton to the south. The forest land in this area is made up of a mix of pine, fir and aspen surrounded by numerous lakes, ponds, marshland, small creeks and larger river valleys supporting a rich diversity of wildlife. Forestry, Ranching the Tourism are the main economic drivers in the broad area.


    The Village of Clinton is a small friendly community about 45 minutes from the land midway between Vancouver and Prince George on Highway 97. Clinton has a colourful history of over 150 years and was founded as a direct result of the “boom” of the Cariboo Gold Rush. There approx. 650 residents who enjoy its unique western atmosphere, stunning scenery, and an abundance of recreational opportunities. Incorporated in 1963, Clinton boasts hosting one of British Columbia’s oldest continuously running events; the Clinton Annual Ball, now held in May of each year. The property is approximately 45 minutes from Clinton.

    70 Mile House

    70 Mile House was established in 1862 as a hostel for Cariboo Wagon Road work crews, the residents at the time probably had no idea that in the next 150 or so years, the area would become one of the Cariboo’s major guest ranch areas. Several family-run ranches continue the tradition of guest-house hospitality, offering a wide selection of outdoor activities that include hiking, horseback riding, fishing, snowmobiling, mountain biking and canoeing. A must-see event is the annual Carriage Trails Driving event with fun for all ages!


    This is the ideal property for a hunting camp/recreational escape. Access is to this remote and very private parcel is via 16.8 km of FSR roads, some wide open and well groomed and about 8 km on quite rugged and narrow FSR roads. A number of other FSR roads and trails are nearby for motorized sports, mountain biking and snowmobiling in winter. You are completely emersed in the outdoors/nature. In the fall this is the perfect set up and location for hunting. The scene is set off any FSR road far enough that you would have zero idea it is there and it is 100% secure. From the sea can looking around the lake you have a protected and secure buffer of wilderness with riparian setbacks off the lake. The lake itself is just large enough to enjoy with a kayak/canoe and the creek wide enough to paddle down and explore. Remnants of an old homestead cabin are on the other side of the lake. Deer, bear and moose frequent the scene, while cats are more elusive. A big draw to the land for the current owners was the waterfowl and migratory birds. There are several other lakes nearby and some great fishing spots as well.


    A part of the access to this property is along the historic Cariboo Wagon Road, the same route the would-be prospectors took in search of gold during the gold rush in the late 1800s (peak of 1862-63).


    Please see mapping section (all boundaries are approximate).

    Map Reference

    51°15'41.71"N and 121°18'53.29"W


    • Property is off the grid
    • Cell service


    Fully insulated Seacan wired with lights, wood walls and flooring, multiple windows, proper door.

    Tax Details

    $614.22 (2022)


    RL-1 (TNRD)
    Not in the ALR


    The West 1/2 of District Lot 5219 Lillooet District
    PID 007-401-671

    Maps & Plans


    Maps & Plans

    Our property descriptions and geographical information are taken from the BC Assessment Authority, Land Titles Office, government maps and other sources. While LandQuest® does not guarantee the information, we believe it to be accurate, but should not be relied upon without verification. This communication is not intended to cause or induce breach of an existing agency agreement.