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    A Large Piece of Paradise - Cortianas’ Bay on Kootenay Lake

    Kootenays Listing No. 20160

    Once in a lifetime opportunity to purchase one of the most majestic lakefront properties in all of BC. Land is comprised of over 300 acres over 2 titles & 1 km of frontage on Kootenay Lake including a long crescent shaped beach & lush forest. Water access only.


    304.33 acres ~ 2 titles

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    Once in a lifetime opportunity to purchase one of the most majestic lakefront properties in all of BC. This historic property is now being offered for sale for the first time since 1948.

    The land is comprised of over 300 acres, set on 2 titles with over 3,300 ft (1 km) of lake frontage on Kootenay Lake. The lakeshore consists of a long crescent shaped pebble and sand beach that stretches for over 1,400 ft along Cortianas’ Bay towards Cape Horn.

    This private property is only accessible by boat or a scenic 2-hour hike through both established BC Park trail and trails over Crown land. Conveniently, one could keep their boat at one of many marinas on the lake for more ease of access.

    The property borders directly on Crown land on both sides and has no neighboring property in sight of the large beach area and flat land where the cabin sits. Towards Cape Horn there is a small privately owned title out of sight from the main bay area.

    Heading off the beach is a well-established trail that follows a creek back to a charming hand-crafted cabin tucked away in flat meadow. Further back along the trail which winds through mature forest is an open spring meadow which feeds the creek and has history of being grazing/agricultural land for the original homestead—this meadow is over ½ km from the beach. Just beyond the meadow is the second title (approx. 160 acres) of forested land with stunning views out to the lake. The land rises from a relatively flat area close to the main bay.

    The property being so remote and minimally impact by humans, is ripe with wildlife and the water from Cape Horn back towards nearby Pilot Bay offer some of the best trophy fishing for Gerard trout on the entire lake.

    The property is unzoned allowing for an array of uses. It is ideally set up for a private family estate, or as it has been for 30 years a remote nature camp/resort.

    Contact Matt for more information on this stunning property.


    All showings are by appointment only.

    Access by foot from Pilot Bay Provincial Park, follow established trails along the water to the property—approx. 2 hours.

    Access by boat, nearest boat launch may be at Gray Creek—approx. 3 km away.

    Area Data

    Crawford Bay

    (6 km as the crow flies away from property)

    Crawford Bay is a community of approximately 350 people, situated in the Purcell mountain range on the eastern shore of Kootenay Lake. The community is located on Highway 3A, 76 kilometres by road north of Creston and 48 kilometres by road and ferry across Kootenay Lake from Nelson. The ferry terminal is 5 km from the village centre. In Crawford Bay some of the amenities include some great little restaurants and cafes, art galleries, market, small accommodation options, credit union, a gorgeous school, and a top-rated golf course.

    Kootenay Lake

    Kootenay Lake is one of BC's premier lakes. This large body of clean, fresh water defines the valley, moderates the climate in summer and winter and provides endless opportunities for recreation as well as being simply beautiful, set against the backdrop of the spectacular surrounding mountain peaks. The lake is bound by the Selkirk Mountain range to the west and the Purcell Mountain range to the east. Kootenay Lake is 145 km long and up to 152 metres (500 ft) deep, with an average width of 4 km (2.5 miles) and is 8 km (5 miles) across at its widest. Fed by numerous creeks, Kootenay Lake’s major source of water is the Kootenay River, which originates in the Rocky Mountains and passes through Montana and Idaho before emptying into the lake and is the second largest tributary of the Columbia River. The water here is pure enough to drink straight from the lake. Kootenay Lake remains ice-free in winter. There are several small lakeside communities and marinas along the lake too keep a boat for coming and going. There are various options to live the water-access lifestyle, jump in the boat and cruise to one of the lakeside restaurants, grab some groceries and boat back to your private escape.

    Pilot Bay Park

    (BC Parks, a couple kms away)

    This park is the safest harbour on Kootenay Lake where boaters often gather to weather out the summer storms. The water is warm in the bay for swimming and some of the best fishing for trophy Gerrard trout is nearby. There is an extensive network of hiking trails through the park and along the Pilot Peninsula. It is an easy walk to the historic Pilot Bay lighthouse which has been restored by area volunteer groups. Primarily marine accessed, the park can be reached by road.


    Cortianas’ Bay and Creek is named after the original landowners. Historical records show there were 3 miners in the Kootenay area. In 1889 B. Cortianas was taking ore out of the Silver Mine at Crawford Bay. At this time, it was all done by hand and then the ore was packed out by horse and dumped into a bin and shipped to Pilot Point, now Cape Horn. A few years later, records show land including this property was purchased and owned by the Cortianas where they cut cordwood fuel and had started setting up and living the homestead lifestyle. Rumor has it one of the Cortianas brought a lady friend to the point, trouble was, she took more to one of the other Cortianas’s and the two of them split and things went sideways on the land. Over time and into the 1930s records show the taxes were being paid from the Rome. When Mussolini put a stop to the ability to send any money outside Rome in the ‘30s and early ‘40s it became impossible to carry on paying the taxes and the land came up for tax sale. This is when the current family started to have ties to the land. In 1948 a former Royal Canadian Air Force member who had dreamed of fishing on Kootenay Lake while stationed in Newfoundland decided to purchase land on the lake upon his return—his list was short, either land around Sawmill Point (now BC Park land, you hike thorough it to get to this property) or this land on Cortianas’ Bay.

    Over the past 30 years the land has been used as a nature camp, its next chapter is waiting to be written . . .


    Please see mapping section - all boundaries are approximate.

    Map Reference

    49°36'44.53"N and 116°49'22.60"W


    • Domestic water licence on Cortiana’s Creek
    • No running water in cabin but plumbed for water
    • No power
    • No septic


    • Approx. 500 ft2, 3 room log cabin with kitchen (wood stove), living/bedroom, foyer
    • Garden shed
    • Multiple lakeside tee pee frames

    Tax Details

    $1,450.35 (2020)


    No zoning


    PID 012-928-399

    PID 015-511-413

    Maps & Plans


    Maps & Plans

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