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    Lakefront Big Bar Ranch - 662 Acres - Big Bar Lake, Clinton BC

    Thompson Nicola Listing No. 24162

    With a 1,100 ft lakefront on 662 bare land acres, Big Bar Ranch offers the rancher, equestrian, hiker, ATV, and water enthusiasts a smorgasbord of adventure. Multiple prime sites with sweeping lake and mountain views. Vendor financing is available.


    662.42 acres

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    Big Bar Ranch, with sweeping grasslands, and stands of aspen, pine, and fir trees, combined with private shoreline access to Big Bar Lake, present a unique and highly desirable opportunity. Whether building a private homestead along the magnificent shorelines, leasing to ranchers, or running your own livestock, this ranch provides a trophy of 662 acres to support these endeavors. Or, a hobby farm and gardening may be your desire.

    As you enter the ranch at the southeast corner the terrain gently stretches up towards the northwest property corner. Predominant aspen and pine trees dot the pastoral grasses and progress to larger tree glades and mature fir closer to the lake. Well-maintained perimeter fencing, complete with access gates from Marriot Road, and the eastern property lines, provide ease of entry into the ranch. An unpaved and unscheduled airstrip is permitted for additional access! A network of trails leads to the lake with approximately 1,100 feet of private access.

    Lakeside, there are multiple building sites with views across the waters to the Marble Mountain Range. Easily accessed from the terminus of Marriot Road, the property is an open scape to support privacy and solitude on a permanent or ‘getaway’ basis. A portion of the waterfront provides a protected bay—prime for a boat dock and launching pad for other water activities. A public boat ramp is close to the southern property line.

    With north, west, and east access onto Crown land, the recreational, fishing, and hunting opportunities are ‘explosive’. Trails, roads, and natural passages throughout the ranch provide opportunities for horse and motorized vehicle enthusiasts or those wishing to stroll, view wildlife, photograph, or ‘take a seat’ for artistic inspiration.

    The climate is opportune for gardening with a lengthy growing season. Raising animals and hunting also contribute to the ability of those seeking self-sufficiency. Filling the freezers, pantries and cold storage are all achievable.

    The vendor is offering lucrative financing with 10% down, 4% interest, a 5-year term, and a 30-year amortization.


    2149 Marriot Road - Big Bar Lake, Clinton, BC


    9 km north of Clinton, turn left on Big Bar Road. Travel 35 km and turn right onto Marriot Road. In 1.2 km (at the cattleguard) the property begins on your right. The Big Bar Ranch sign is clearly visible. The property continues northward where it joins the lake.

    Area Data

    Big Bar Lake, 39 km northwest of Clinton, lies just east of the statuesque Marble Mountain Range. Uniquely positioned in the rolling plains of the southern Cariboo District and the northern boundary of the Thompson Nicola, the mountain range is highlighted with views across this color-rich lake.

    With a speed restriction of 10 km/h with no towing permitted, the lake provides a peaceful setting for trolling, fishing, swimming, and paddle sports. At 700 m elevation, the lake perimeter is approximately 5,100 m with a maximum depth of 10 m.

    The village of Clinton is an outdoor adventure hub, providing active experiences in a landscape noted for its wildlife and unique geological variations. This small friendly community is in one of the most pristine natural environments, while still being close and accessible to larger centres. Clinton is midway between Vancouver and Prince George (each about a 4.5-hour drive). The community provides amenities including education from kindergarten through post-secondary, a fire department, ambulance service, and an RCMP detachment. Kamloops International Airport is a mere 123 km from Clinton.

    Clinton and the surrounding area’s economics are based on forestry, ranching, and tourism. Multiple historic ranches continue to produce pasture-raised meats, ‘wild west’ experiences, and an opportunity to get away from what may be busy city life.

    Dry, warm summers and cold winters with moderate snowfall influence plant and wildlife species adaptation in this area. Temperature variations have developed plant and animal life unique to the area. Grasses grow quickly in spring while seeds lie dormant during the summer. Trees typically, lodgepole pine, aspen, and spruce are deep-rooted to access the Big Bar Lake water.

    Deer is plentiful in this grazing land while coyotes, hawks, and eagles, prey on grassland field mice and voles. Squirrels are plentiful, feeding on abundant pine and spruce cones. Black bears, moose, lynx, and cougar are some of the large mammals found at Big Bar Lake and surrounding areas. Snowshoe hares, chipmunks, marmots, and an active beaver population also flourish here.

    Ducks Unlimited built a water control structure at the end of the lake’s marsh in 1988 to help encourage waterfowl nesting. This has provided excellent birdwatching and photographic opportunities.


    The area in its entirety is a vast playground for the outdoor enthusiast. Provincial Parks, Forest Recreation Sites, and the wilderness backcountry are a remarkable showcase. Recreational opportunities from camping, boating, boating, swimming, caving, wilderness exploration, and fishing—only scratch the surface of outdoor activities. The following is a sampling of nearby parks.

    Big Bar Lake Provincial Park, on the western shores of the lake, is on the southern edge of the Fraser Plateau. The park is easily accessible and provides a range of recreational opportunities for outdoor enthusiasts. Some of the major recreational opportunities include picnicking, camping, boating, canoeing, kayaking, swimming, wildlife viewing, hiking, and fishing. Abundant rainbow trout typically reward the angler.

    Marble Range Provincial Park is so named because of its unusual limestone topography. These mountains feature caves, sinkholes, and disappearing streams, as well as cliffs, chasms, and crenelated ridges. The park protects populations of bighorn sheep and mule deer. There are some rough trails, popular with local hikers, hunters, and horseback riders.

    Chasm Provincial Park protects the unique river canyon of the Chasm Creek Valley and part of the Bonaparte River Valley. In 1995 the park was enlarged from 141 hectares to 3,067 hectares to protect more of the area’s colorful geological formations featuring rock layers in spectacular shades of orange, pink, yellow, and lavender. The unique features of Chasm Provincial Park offer hiking opportunities and spectacular backdrops for the avid photographer.


    The Village of Clinton and its surrounding area have a rich history—full of stories.

    Settlement of the community began in the mid-1800s with the discovery of gold and the development of the Cariboo wagon roads. The name Clinton was officially adopted on June 11th, 1863, replacing the previous name, ‘The Junction.’

    In the 1870s, Clinton became a cattle ranching town, a soap-soda, and Epsom salts distributor in the early 1900s, and a flourishing sawmill town in the 1950s. During the Cariboo Gold Rush, Clinton was a busy junction on the wagon road to the goldfields of Barkerville. The location of the settlement made it an ideal resting place for weary travelers and miners. Once ‘Gold Fever’ subsided, ranching became a primary source of income.

    Map Reference

    51°19'8.24"N and 121°47'51.66"W


    • Electricity at lot line
    • Phone at lot line


    Perimeter fencing.

    Tax Details

    $112 (2024)


    RL1 (within the ALR)


    PID 011-492-457

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