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    3,127 Acre Land Portfolio - Haida Gwaii, BC

    Haida Gwaii Listing No. 19143

    Haida Gwaii 3,127± acres 16± miles oceanfront in 12 titles. On Maude Island, Lina Island, Kagan Bay, Skidegate Channel & Rennell Sound. Some mature and second growth timber, spectacular oceanfront and major conservancy values.

    Reduced $5,950,000

    3,127± acres ~ 12 titles

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    This Haida Gwaii land portfolio includes 12 large oceanfront acreages totalling 3,127± acres with over 16 miles of oceanfront in Skidegate Inlet and Rennell Sound.

    These lands have multiple layers of value including strategically located low bank oceanfront real estate, some harvestable timber, second growth timber, a multitude of beautiful building sites, unlimited recreational and possible development potential and major conservancy values.

    All of the properties in Skidegate Inlet enjoy access to Skidegate Narrows the passage between Graham and Moresby Island that provides access to the spectacular west coast of Haida Gwaii. The Rennell Sound properties are located at the end of the only road to west coast.

    The properties were logged in the 1990s and there is some timber remaining, however it will be the responsibility of the buyer to determine timber type, quality and volume.

    The owner wants to sell all the properties together presenting an opportunity to purchase and resell all or some of the separate titles.

    A brief description of each property is below; maps photographs are in the brochure.


    Five of the acreages totalling 593 acres are on Lina Island which is just south of and within the Village of Queen Charlotte City. Very easy boat access makes these properties ideal for development of private residences or homesteads.

    DL 1309
    139 acres on Lina Island with 5,099± ft of oceanfront wrapping around the south and east corner of the island. This property was logged a number of years ago and appears to have good second growth however age and species will have to be determined by the buyer. This is a great property for a residence or homestead with timber growing for future harvest.

    DL 1307
    183 acres with frontage on both the north and south sides of Lina Island with 2,814± feet of frontage on the south side and 183 acres with 2,821± feet of beautiful low bank oceanfront tucked in behind a gorgeous small island which is not part of the property but provides shelter.

    DL 1305
    97 acres with 1,422 feet of north facing oceanfront and 2,834 of gorgeous low bank south facing oceanfront that encompasses and includes a small island. This is an exceptional property.

    DL 1304
    DL 1304 is 96.5 acres with 1,510 ft of beautiful low bank of useable south facing on the side of Lina Island.

    DL 1306
    DL 1306 is 77 acres with 2,934± feet of east and north facing oceanfront on the north side of the island. It is on a large mud flat making access at low tide difficult which may make highest and best use of this property growing its next crop of harvestable timber.


    A short distance from Queen Charlotte City, Maude Island is the jewel of Skidegate Inlet. It is situated very near the entrance to Skidegate Channel the passage between Graham and Moresby Islands that provides access to the renowned fishing grounds and grand scenery on the west coast. There are a total of 601 acres in 3 titles on Maude Island.

    DL 644
    315 acres with over 14,000± feet (2.6± miles) of oceanfront that encompasses the entire west end of Maude Island is considered to be the finest trophy property in Skidegate Inlet. It surrounds the 17 acre property that is home to the Maude Island Resort that is not part of the property but demonstrates what you can create on this type of property. There is some timber however on a property of this caliber it is possible that it has more value standing to preserve the exceptional beauty of the property than to log it.

    DL 2853
    198 acres with 4,280 feet of low bank oceanfront shares a gorgeous sheltered bay with adjacent DL 644. A logging road back from the beach could easily be reopened to provide access to many spectacular low bank south facing building sites.

    DL 2546
    88 acres with 5,068 feet of south facing low bank oceanfront. A farm located between 2853 and 2546 shows the type of development potential on this beautiful island. Most of the property has been logged with is a nice stand of about 20 acres of timber, remaining on the west end.


    DL 1 is 1,151 acres with 24,692 feet (4.6± miles) of frontage in Kagan Bay the namesake of the ownership company and flagship property of this portfolio. It is a spectacular property that includes from north to south the spectacular estuary of Slatechuck Creek, Anchor Cove, Anthracite Point, Gosset Bay and Josette Point. It has excellent places for sheltered moorage and building sites. This is a property with conservancy values worthy of any conservancy group or investor wanting to be the next custodian of this is precious Haida Gwaii property.


    These 2 properties are the only 2 large acreages on the west coast of Haida Gwaii and with road access they have serious recreational value because they hold the key to sheltered waterfront access to the west coast. The road that crosses the 2 properties has been decommissioned and will need to be rebuilt with culverts and perhaps bridges in order to restore access to the sheltered area which has a boat launch and used to have a dock which allowed boaters good safe access to the west coast waters of Haida Gwaii. This is an asset that is very important to the local community.

    DL 30
    Measures 272± acres with 4,908± feet of west facing low bank oceanfront the acreage should be confirmed to the buyer’s satisfaction. It is the northerly property and has good road access. The road through these properties has been decommissioned and needs to be reopened to provide access to DL 31 and the waterfront access portion of the property.

    DL 31
    350 acres with 9,140 feet of oceanfront a portion of which is a narrow strip of land along the beach where the boat launch ramp and the dock were located. The large upland area has been logged with some timber remaining and second growth coming along.


    Skidegate Inlet and Rennell Sound - Haida Gwaii, BC


    Please see maps and plans or call the listing agent.

    Area Data

    Haida Gwaii is an archipelago of some 200 islands, most of them small and uninhabited, covering an area of 9,596 km2 running (251 km) 156 miles from south to north, and (84 km) 52 miles west to east. They are separated from the British Columbia mainland by Hecate Strait. The largest islands are Graham to the north and Moresby to the south.

    Graham Island is the largest, most accessible and most populated of Haida Gwaii. The average actual rainfall is higher than the average actual rainfall at Vancouver International Airport, but less than that of North Vancouver. The isolation and climate make the islands distinctly different from the mainland and permit unique subspecies to thrive here. Luxurious rain forests, shell scattered shorelines and sandy beaches provide superlative wilderness adventures.

    The Village of Queen Charlotte, commonly known as Charlotte, is a village at the southern end of Graham Island fronting on Skidegate Inlet. It was founded in 1891 and in 1908 was the first town site registered in the islands and was incorporated as a municipality in 2005.

    The town site was established when the first sawmill began operating in 1908. During World War 1 when a work force was needed to supply allied warplanes with lumber the town infrastructure developed quickly, offering public education, a hospital, general stores, other amenities and even a newspaper.

    Until a few years ago logging and fishing were the main source of jobs however today are fewer people working in resource-based jobs with a recent shift to tourism oriented employment. The main economic driver is government jobs including, hospital workers, school district, BC Ferries, local Forestry and Parks offices etc.

    Queen Charlotte offers several motels, shops, restaurants, a gas station and auto repair, credit union, RCMP station, new hospital and the Queen Charlotte Visitor Centre.

    It is often the starting point for tours into the Gwaii Haanas National Park Reserve and Haida Heritage Site on southern Moresby Island and is 9 km from the BC Ferry Terminal in Skidegate with ferries connecting to Prince Rupert and Moresby Island.

    Masset (population 884) is 25 miles (40 km) north of Port Clements. Masset, on Masset Sound, is the largest community on Graham Island. Located at the end of Highway 16, amenities include full tourist services, restaurants, accommodations, RV park open year-round and groceries. Boat launching and moorage facilities are available along with Canada’s most northwesterly 18-hole golf course Dixon Entrance Golf and Country Club.

    Visit Old Masset, only minutes away where local Haida artists display their silver, gold, argillite carvings and jewelry. Road access available to the north end of Naikoon Provincial Park on Tow Hill Road. Tow Hill’s 109 metre (358 ft) basalt cliff is the most prominent landmark on the northeast coast.


    Some mature timber, second growth and regen after logging.


    Fishing and eco-tourism are the primary recreational activities on Haida Gwaii, possibilities are unlimited.


    Please see mapping section - all boundaries are approximate.

    Investment Features

    Some timber, second growth timber for future harvest and multiple titles for resale. There may be potential for development or subdivision subject to zoning, possible rezoning and required approvals.





    Tax Details

    $18,358.30 (2019)


    A-1, Agriculture Forestry & RS-1, Resource Conservation. Contact listing agent for details.


    Contact listing agent for details.

    Maps & Plans


    Maps & Plans

    Lina Island
    Lina Island
    Skidegate Channel & Maude Island
    Skidegate Channel & Maude Island
    Kagan Bay
    Kagan Bay
    Rennell Sound
    Rennell Sound

    Our property descriptions and geographical information are taken from the BC Assessment Authority, Land Titles Office, government maps and other sources. While LandQuest® does not guarantee the information, we believe it to be accurate, but should not be relied upon without verification. This communication is not intended to cause or induce breach of an existing agency agreement.