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    160-Acre Flat, Fertile Agricultural Parcel in the Wildlife Rich Region of Beryl Prairie, BC

    Peace River & Northeastern BC Listing No. 23097

    Nestled in the picturesque region of Beryl Prairie lies a sprawling 160-acre piece of farmland that offers an idyllic retreat for agricultural enthusiasts. This fertile expanse of land is a testament to the untamed beauty of the area, surrounded by rolling hills & the golden glow of the sunsets.


    160 acres

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    Nestled in the heart of the wildlife-rich region of Beryl Prairie, British Columbia, lies a remarkable expanse of 160 acres of cleared farmland. This sprawling property, flush with potential, is a testament to the region's fertile soils and favorable farming conditions. Beryl Prairie, known for its diverse fauna, offers an idyllic and peaceful setting for farming, surrounded by untamed natural beauty. The acreage, entirely cleared and meticulously prepared for cultivation, offers ample space for a variety of farming activities, presenting an intriguing opportunity for those with a passion for agriculture and the rural lifestyle.

    This expansive farm was most recently sown with oats, illustrating the land's suitability for grain farming. The region's climate, characterized by warm summers and cold, snowy winters, is conducive to the growth of a variety of crops including oats, which thrive in cooler weather. The property's fertile soils have been nurtured and managed over the years, maintaining a healthy balance of nutrients and organic matter to support robust crop growth. The land's gentle rolling topography ensures good drainage, reducing the risk of waterlogging and root diseases, and providing excellent conditions for the cultivation of oats or other crops.

    The cleared farmland offers an uninterrupted canvas for the agriculturalist’s vision, whether it be a continuation of grain farming or diversification into other crop varieties or farming activities. As the entire property is under cultivation, it offers a ready-to-go operation for a prospective farmer, reducing initial setup time and costs. While the farm is currently focused on oat production, the land's fertile soils and favorable conditions could potentially accommodate a wide range of other crops, livestock farming, or even a combination, offering a multitude of possibilities for farm diversification and growth.

    In addition to its agricultural potential, this 160-acre farmland offers a unique blend of productive farmland and proximity to the wildlife-rich ecosystems of Beryl Prairie. Despite its cultivated expanse, the property maintains a connection to the diverse wildlife of the region. This balance between agricultural productivity and natural beauty offers a unique opportunity for sustainable farming practices, potentially allowing the land's new owners to contribute to the preservation of local ecosystems while benefiting from the bounty of the land.

    Indeed, this property represents more than just a farm—it's a piece of the unique tapestry of Beryl Prairie, awaiting a custodian who will respect and nurture its potential.


    1214 Boring Road - Beryl Prairie, BC


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    Area Data

    The Peace River region of British Columbia lays claim as the most robust and diverse economic region of the province outside of the Lower Mainland. The regional GDP has exceeded $6.6 billion over the last several years and employment opportunities abound.

    The region contains vast supplies of natural gas. It is estimated that northeast British Columbia holds more than 2,933 trillion cubic feet of natural gas. This resource provides significant economic opportunity, as global companies invest in resource extraction and infrastructure to transport the region’s various petroleum products to market.

    The region also possesses 40% of the cumulative provincial ALR lands in British Columbia. This makes the region a mecca when it comes to farming, ranching and outdoor recreational pursuits. Cattle ranching continues to dominate much of the Peace River region’s rural landscape with the area possessing over 60,000 head of cattle and accounting for over 22% of the provincial total. This is a testament to the quality grazing conditions throughout the region.

    The region’s annual average temperature rests between -2.9 to 2 degrees Celsius and the region receives approximately 330-570 mm of annual precipitation. The region possesses rich, fertile soil, as the landscape was forged as an alluvial flood plain of the Peace River. These conditions permit for the growing and harvesting of a wide array of crops. In fact, the Peace River region of British Columbia produces more wheat, barley and grass seed than any other region of the province.


    The recreation on the property and in the wider region is endless. Any recreational activity feasible on a large acreage may be undertaken on this property. The following list of recreational pursuits is not exhaustive:


    The property resides in Management Unit 7-35 and offers general tags for mule deer, whitetail deer, elk, moose, bear, wolves and a variety of game bird species. The hunting on the property is truly exceptional and the season lengths are long and generous. The property borders Crown land to the north east increasing the available hunting territory in the immediate vicinity of the property.


    There is excellent fishing opportunity in the area surrounding the property. The largest lake in BC is minutes from the home (Williston Lake). There are a huge number of smaller lakes and river systems throughout the wider region.


    With the numerous trails and wonderful scenery, there is endless opportunity to ride recreationally throughout the property and on the adjacent Crown land.


    With the diversity/immensity of the property and its abundant beauty, an individual could spend their entire life exploring the ranch by foot and discover new joys each time.


    In 1793 explorer Simon Fraser and a group of explorers travelled westward along the Peace River via canoe and were the first Europeans to enter the area. These explorers were followed by the Hudson’s Bay Company who established a fur trading post/fort directly across the Peace River canyon from the current town site of Hudson’s Hope.

    Although the exact origins of the name Hudson’s Hope are unknown, its first known recording was from 1868. In 1899 the fort was moved to the present-day location on the Northern bank of the Peace River.

    The area was largely explored by prospectors and survey crews in the early 20th century, as the area was opened to a mineral stake in 1908 and land grants in 1912. In 1942 the construction of the 97 Alaska Highway increased traffic to the region and helped spur the region’s coal mining industry.

    Rural and urban development was enhanced by the construction of the W.A.C. Bennett Damn and hydro station in 1962. To help finance and organize the construction of this infrastructure, the Hudson’s Hope Improvement District was incorporated along with the Municipality of Hudson’s Hope. A second dam was constructed in 1980 several kilometres down river from the original dam known as the Peace Canyon Dam.

    Map Reference

    56° 4'50.56"N and 122° 1'21.53"W

    Investment Features

    160 acres of flat cleared farmland capable of growing grain.





    Tax Details

    $132 (2023)




    PID 014-800-101

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