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345.2 Acre Ocean View Property - Salt Spring Island, BC
345.2 Acre Ocean View Property - Salt Spring Island, BC
4 titles of land adjacent to Mount Maxwell Provincial Park. Extremely private and sunny with good road access. Ideal large estate acreage or conservation project. F1 & F2 Zoning permits potential subdivision into 20 acre parcels.
  • Size: 345.2 acres ~ 4 titles
  • Price: REDUCED $2,395,000
  • Listing Agent: Jamie Zroback - jamie@landquest.com
  • Phone Number: 1-604-483-1605

  • Listing Agent: Jason Zroback - jason@landquest.com
  • Phone Number: 1-604-414-5577
Size :

PID 009-748-482 - 50.9 acres
PID 009-748-946 - 73.4 acres
PID 009-748-911 - 98.1 acres
PID 009-748-865 - 122.8 acres

Total acreage: 345.2 acres

Description :

This is a spectacular 345.2 acre ocean view offering in 4 separate titles adjoining Mt Maxwell Provincial Park on Salt Spring Island. The land has stunning views of Vancouver Island, the surrounding Gulf Islands and the mainland of British Columbia. Currently this is one of the largest ocean view land holdings for sale on the Gulf Islands. Given its proximity to the Provincial Park it is well suited for conservation or a large private estate.

The topography of this exceptional property affords serene natural beauty and consummate privacy, with miles of trails winding through mixed woods, open spaces, ridgelines, rolling hills and valleys that fall away to reveal spectacular ocean vistas.

It is conveniently located close to the village with mostly paved road access. The properties have a managed forest lands designation and have F1, F2 and A2 zonings. A small portion of the property (estimated at 43 acres) is zoned A2 and is within the Agricultural Land Reserve. F1 and F2 zoned properties have subdivision potential allowing for 20 acre minimum parcel sizes. Contact Jamie or Jason for further information or to arrange a viewing today!

Location : These four lots are located in the central area of Salt Spring Island between Mount Maxwell Provincial Park to the south and Wright Road to the north. The most southerly lot is adjacent to Mount Maxwell Provincial Park and its southeast corner meets the end of Seymour Heights Road. The northeast corner of the most northerly lot meets the end of Wright Road. Access to the property can be gained via Seymour Heights Road and Wright Road.
Access : Contact Listing Agent.
Improvements : None.
Services : None.
Recreation : Beaches, trails, cycling, hiking, diving, paddle boarding, kayaking, boating, golfing, whale watching, and various art and cultural events.
Area Data :

Salt Spring Island
Salt Spring Island is the largest, most populated (over 10,000 residents), and some might say most popular, of the Southern Gulf Islands. It is located between Vancouver Island and the Mainland in the Strait of Georgia alongside its neighbouring islands of Galiano, Pender, Saturna, Mayne and Prevost. The setting is West Coast Canadian; forested islands, wide meadows and beautiful landscapes surrounded by emerald ocean and wonderful vistas. It is the only Southern Gulf Island with a high school and a hospital.

Salt Spring Island is 27 km (17 miles) long and 14 km (9 miles) wide (74 sq miles), with 133 km (83 miles) of shoreline. The island attracts visitors and prospective residents with its mild climate and annual sunshine in excess of 2,000 hours.

Artists, farmers, chefs, mechanics, romantics, writers, retirees and dreamers have been drawn to its shores and have recognized it as one of the world's best places to stay. Renowned for its creativity, Salt Spring Island is known as one of North America's best small arts towns and, due to the high demand to live there and limited supply of land offerings, Salt Spring Island holds some of the most desired and priciest real estate on the entire west coast of North America. The famous Saturday Market displays a great cross-section of the high-quality arts and crafts from paintings to pottery, jewellery and clothing, weaving and woodworks.

Mount Maxwell Provincial Park
Mount Maxwell Provincial Park is a day-use only park with one of the highest points on Salt Spring Island called Baynes Peak, which offers amazing views of Vancouver Island, the surrounding Gulf Islands and the mainland of British Columbia. Mount Maxwell Provincial Park shares a common border with Mount Maxwell Ecological Reserve and Burgoyne Bay Provincial Park, which together create over 1,100 hectares of protected area stretching from mountain top to shoreline and across Burgoyne Bay to the slopes of Mount Bruce.

Mount Maxwell Provincial Park is one of the largest protected areas in the Gulf Islands and includes a mosaic of habitats from estuary to Garry oak ecosystems. Old-growth Douglas fir forest and cliffs serve as important nesting areas for species at risk, including turkey vultures, peregrine falcons and several species of bat. The estuary has three species of salmon and Burgoyne Bay is home to eel-grass beds and seabird populations. Several threatened plant species are protected in the park, including scalepod, Gray’s desert parsley, California hedge parsley and elfin moss.

Mount Maxwell Provincial Park offers a number of walking and hiking opportunities with spectacular views. Approximately 6 km of maintained trails all start at the parking lot and range from easy strolls to more demanding hikes. Trails to the north and east travel through wooded areas of old-growth and second-growth Douglas fir. The trail to the west follows along the ridge of Mount Maxwell and links up with the park entrance road approximately 2 km from the parking lot.

Zoning :

Islands Trust - Salt Spring Island Land Use Bylaw 355.

PID 009-748-482 - Forestry 1 (F1)
PID 009-748-946 - Forestry 1 (F1) and Forestry 2 (F2)
PID 009-748-911 - Forestry 1 (F1) and Forestry 2 (F2)
PID 009-748-865 - Forestry 1 (F1) and Forestry 2 (F2) and Agriculture 2 (A2)

Additional zoning information can be found on the Islands Trust website.

Properties are classified as Managed Forest Land, visit the Managed Forest Council website for more information.

Legal :

The Easterly 30 Chains of the North 160 Acres of the North 1/2 of the Section 80, South Salt Spring Island, Cowichan District Except Part in Plan VIP72682
PID 009-748-482

The South 1/2 of the South 1/2 of Section 84, South Salt Spring Island, Cowichan District, Except Part in Plan VIP72682
PID 009-748-946

The North 1/2 of the South 1/2 of Section 84, South Salt Spring Island, Cowichan District, Shown on Plan DD 58609I, Except Part in Plan VIP72682
PID 009-748-911

The South 1/2 of the North 1/2 of Section 84, South Salt Spring Island, Cowichan District, Except Part in Plan VIP72682
PID 009-748-865

Taxes :

PID 009-748-482 - $712.03
PID 009-748-946 - $999.81
PID 009-748-911 - $1,316.07
PID 009-748-865 - $1,624.01

Total Taxes (2018): $4,651.92

Boundaries : Please see mapping section - all boundaries are approximate.
Map Reference : 48°49'1.05"N and 123°30'58.47"W
Listing # : 18326